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Staying Cool At The Farm Bureau Ice Cream Social

072716 WCFB Ice Cream Crowds 2 C.jpg
072716 WCFB Ice Cream Grill C.jpg

The Washington County Farm Bureau’s annual ice cream social was held on Wednesday, July 20 at Memorial Park in Nashville. TOP, Emery and Kenlee Schoenberg, and Ella and Boaz Harned make crafts at the Ag in the Classroom table; LEFT, David Rybacki and Steve Launius scoop ice cream for Carl Hagene and Glen Brammeier. RIGHT, Greg Harre, Clint Harre and Justin Lintker keep the porkburgers moving on the grill. BELOW, the crowd enjoy a relaxing evening.

072716 WCFB Ice Cream Schoenbergs C.jpg
072716 WCFB Ice Cream scoops C.jpg