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Dreams Can Affect Your DayNashville – August 3, 2016


Susan Roethemeyer

Dreams Can Affect Your Day

The other day, a friend was telling me about a dream he’d had.

In it he had just won the lottery (About a billion dollars), and was joyously planning on which Jaguar he was going to get.

The dream started to end just then, and he started grasping at the pile of money. “Where’s my money?!” he yelled.

When awake he was mad that he had not gotten his Jaguar.

That feeling of being cheated colored his whole morning, and he was mad and cranky.

Have you ever felt that?

You dream of a new truck or car, a bigger, nicer house, or a thriving business where you are the boss.

And when you wake up, you feel a sense of loss.

It is a common thing to be haunted by your dreams.

I recently had a vivid dream about visiting the place of Lincoln’s assassination. Only it wasn’t Ford’s Theatre, but a run-down Victorian house.

I was taken to a place high in the house to a lobby like room, and off through a door was the balcony looking down on the stage.

Through it we went and I saw some folks sitting at a few control stations. I looked down onstage to see a movie playing.

Then it hit me – we weren’t in the past as my friend had pretended, but in the present.

I smacked him on the arm, scowling, and he ducked away, grinning.

We went downstairs into a huge beautiful lobby and he disappeared.

When I woke up I was haunted for days by the sense of importance and of history the dream impressed on me.

But dreams can also impart a sense of serenity and encouragement.

My friend in St. Louis told me of someone he knows who, when she dreams of flowers, goes to Forest Park to smell the beautiful flowers.

She fills her soul with serenity inspired by her dream of flowers and by the waking scent of flowers, and then drives to work filled with those peaceful images and scents.

If only more of us could be so inspired by peacefulness!