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Kell Wins JGT Player’s Championship

Kell C.jpg

Nashville High School Junior Rachael Kell finished up the Southern Illinois Golf Association with a win, at the 6th Annual Junior Golf Tournament, which was held on July 31 in West Frankfort. Kell finished the tournament one stroke ahead of second place Josie Sykes of Carbondale. Kaci Rendleman finished third, followed by Jordan Stiegman in fourth, and Riley Anderson in fifth. Although Kell won the final tournament of the season, she was not able to catch Sykes who came away with the Player of the Year award. Kell finished second, followed by Stiegman in third.

Kell won three other tournaments throughout the summer as she finished first in the Ram Jam Junior Tournament, the Nashville Junior Tournament, and the Junior Foxes McLeansboro Tournament. In the Ram Jam Junior Tournament, Kell shot a 79, six strokes ahead of Stiegman. Dakota Wiggs finished third, followed by Josie Sykes in fourth. In the Nashville Junior Tournament, Kell finished with an 81, seven strokes ahead of Brooke Bartling. Stiegman finished tied for third with Ashley Klasing, Followed by Madison Wuest in fourth, and Emily Vogt in fifth. Kell's lone other win came in the Junior Foxes McLeansboro Tournament as she scored a two stroke victory over Wiggs.

Kell finished second in the Mark Beckham Memorial Junior Tournament as she finished three strokes behind Megan Gallatin. Stiegman finished third in the tournament, while Barting was fifth. Bartling got a win in the Greenview Junior Tournament as she finished with an 88.

Rachael Kell with the trophy for winning the SIGA Junior Golf Tournament on July 31.