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Lots Of Water And Sewer Projects Discussed By Okawville Village Board

By Jill Moon

The Water and Sewer Committee had several projects on the table for The Okawville Village Board to vote on at its last meeting July 25.

Primary among these was the Hanover Street waterline project. Chairman Brian Nelson introduced motions to approve the new plans for the project, projected to run along Hanover Street from East High Street to The Original Springs Hotel, a total of 2,500-3,000 feet, and also to begin soliciting bids for the project. Both of these motions were approved.

Nelson also introduced a motion a motion to have Haier’s televise and clean sewer lines between Gary’s Tire Center and Plum Creek bridge for a total cost of $15,600. A vac truck would be used for cleaning. This motion passed.

Also approved was a motion to install a variable flow drive control drive at the Immanuel Lutheran School lift station. This will be done by Weeke’s and will not cost more than $7,000.

Personnel Committee Chairperson Ronda Pryor introduced a motion to purchase a new computer for the village hall as the existing one is outdated. This was approved.

She also reported that the roof of the Senior Center had been leaking in heavy rains. It had been repaired by Tom Schuette of Martin Roofing.

Police Committee Chairperson Sarah Deterding reported that the 2008 Crown Vic had been sold to a police agency in Pike County for $2750. Its replacement, an Explorer, should arrive in late August.

Deterding also reported many complaints of trespassing and hazardous situations stemming from people playing the popular game “Pokemon Go”.

The Village received $1,676.58 in fines from the circuit clerk and $3,176.29 in video gaming receipts during July.

The Streets and Sidewalks Committee had several projects under discussion. They were presented by Morris Ritzel for Chairman Nathan Dick.

Some, like the Stark Street project, need to be broken down into categories and bids need to be taken.

Others, like the Waterworks Road project, need decisions made as to whether a pipe is needed or not.