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NCHS Band Gets Ready For Football Season

Every game as the players go in at halftime, the NCHS band comes out on the field, and performs for the crowd. NCHS band director Steve Browne has worked all summer with the band to prepare for their performance. Browne says, “the band starts preparing in the spring by getting the music and drill written and handed out. The band begins practicing for the show in July when drumline camp begins. After drumline camp, there is one day of freshman training camp, and then another week long full band camp.

This year the band's show will have an African theme. This season's music was taken from Lion King the Musical, and will have four moving stages that were hand-painted by students Mikala Koszuszek and Jessica Clark. On the stages, the band will mound four African Djembes, which are goblet shaped hand drums. Over the course of the season, 12 students will have the opportunity to play the drums during the show. Jean Orr hand sewed 9 foot flags for the color guard to use, to go along with new costumes, and one other new flag, which was purchased by the music boosters.

A lot of new faces in the band this year, as the 17 seniors who graduated, were replaced with over 20 incoming freshmen. The band has also welcomed Michele Goostree as the new color guard coach, and Carly Middleton wrote the routine for the show.

While fans will be wowed by the performance during halftime of each home Hornets football game, the band will also use the show when they compete in marching band competitions this season. The band has three competitions this season. The band will first compete on September 10 in O'Fallon. The other two competitions will take place in October. The band has a competition on October 8 in Newton, and October 29 in Pinckneyville.

When asked the bands favorite part of football games, Browne said “the band's favorite part is performing, but a very close second is making as much noise as we can in the west end of the field for the Football Hornets.”