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Rep. Meier Ready To Vote For Term Limits

State Representative Charlie Meier (R-Okawville) is urging the Democrat majority in Springfield to give the General Assembly the opportunity to vote for term limits when lawmakers return to the Capitol for the fall veto session. If the General Assembly and Governor approve an amendment to the Illinois Constitution, then voters throughout Illinois would have the ability to vote for term limits during the 2018 November Election.

“There are a number of entrenched incumbents who have been serving themselves instead of serving the people who elect them,” said Rep. Meier. “It’s time enact term limits, because the same incumbents who got us in this mess have proven they are incapable of getting us out. We need to kick the bums out and replace them with competent statesman who are willing to serve the people and not themselves.”

Representative Meier supports term limits due to the fact that one person has controlled state government for over forty years; his name is House Speaker Mike Madigan. Oftentimes lawmakers feel their voice is not heard because the Speaker has too much power as he controls which legislation is voted on before the House of Representatives. If ten year term limits for lawmakers was included in the adoption of the 1970 Illinois Constitution, Speaker Madigan would have been out of office 35 years ago.

Rep. Meier added, “I am ready to return to the House of Representatives and vote for 10 year term limits for lawmakers and 8 year term limits for the Office of Governor. I urge Speaker Madigan to give us the opportunity to vote for term limits when the House is back in Session. The decade old incumbents at the State House need to go before the State House turns into the Poor House.”