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Working Towards Eagle

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LEFT, Eagle Scout candidate Caleb Hallock screws the sign for the Community Center into place, while assisted by two other scouts, William Wyciskalla on the left and Jack Goostree on the right.

By Alex Haglund

The front entrance of the Community Center of Nashville, located on the east side of the building, looks a little nicer now that it did just a short time ago, thanks to the efforts of Nashville Troop 127 Boy Scout and candidate for Eagle Scout Caleb Hallock, who performed landscaping and other work there as part of his Eagle project.

Hallock, 17, and heading into his senior year at Nashville Community High School, first formulated the plan to redo the Community Center entrance area two years ago, and received approval from the CCN board in February.

The work Hallcok has done included landscaping the flower beds in front of the windows and around the trees, as well as the CCN’s side yards. A new mailbox and post for it was installed, as well as a new sign for the Community Center, (which was originally intended to be installed above the “Governor’s Home Town Award” sign, from 2005).

Finally, Hallock installed a new flag and rope for the flagpole at the Community Center as well.

Assisting Hallock were his fellow Boy Scouts (see page B8 for a photo of Hallock with some of those who assisted him), scout leaders, and a host of local businesses.

Hallock raised funds for the project by holding a rummage sale at the Nashville Scout house. In addition to that money, the assistance he received from area businesses helped to make the project whole: the new sign was made courtesy of Print Crazy. Kesel’s Hardware donated the flag, rope, and the rental of the scissor lift to install them. Meyer’s Greenhouse heavily discounted materials for the project’s landscaping; and Addieville Lumber did the same for the mailbox and the post that it was mounted on.

Now that Hallock’s Eagle Project itself is completed, his work isn’t done yet. In addition to any of the other requirements for Eagle Scout, Hallock will need to collect all of the information from his project and produce a binder, a kind of scrapbook, showing how the project went. This will need to be submitted along with other materials when he is actually ready to apply for Eagle Scout.

Nashville Boy Scout Troop 127 Eagle Scout candidate, Caleb Hallock, 17, SECOND FROM LEFT, had help with the landscaping and work done to the exterior of the Nashville Community Center, his Eagle project. Hallock was assisted by Scout leaders Terry Wyciskalla and John Hallock, Caleb’s father, as well as his fellow scouts William Wyciskalla and Jack Goostree. Hallock also said he was assisted by scouts Aden Hill, Blake Melton, Cole Herrmann, and Brent Harris, who were not present when the photo was taken. For more details about the project, please see page A1.