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Letter: Sheriff’s Dept. Calendar To Benefit BCMW

Sheriff’s Dept. Calendar To Benefit BCMW

On September 6, 2016 Mike Edwards of National Law Enforcement Press will be in Washington County putting together the Washington County Sheriff’s Office calendar. He will be visiting businesses throughout the county for a few days.

Last year was a success and I thank all who donated. This year the proceeds from the calendar will be split with half staying at this office to purchase supplies for child programs we currently use. Examples include but are not limited to McGruff the Crime Dog, identity kits for children, stickers, bicycle safety equipment, and coloring books. The remaining will be donated to the BCMW for the purchase of new winter coats for children who are in need.

We have been attending functions in communities throughout Washington County meeting youths and since I have taken office we have met many. I want everyone to know the Sheriff’s Office is here to help and serve the collective interest of citizens of all ages. I want to give children the ability to meet the Sheriff and Deputies is a positive way.

It is equally important to me that parents have a way they can obtain new coats for their children. The BCMW will receive half of the proceeds to give parents an opportunity to do so.

I realize that local businesses are asked often to give. I also realize that times are not always good. No one should feel obligated. I appreciate all our local businesses.

There will be extra calendars available for the public after they are printed. Watch our Facebook page to learn when they are ready.


Danny Bradac