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Letter: Time To Reenroll In Kroger Rewards Program

Time To Reenroll In Kroger Rewards Program

Dear Editor,

Kroger’s Community Rewards Program has their re-enrollment period for 2016-2017 in August. Each participant currently signed up is required to re-enroll their Kroger Plus card between August 1 and August 31.

Washington County Vocational Workshop hopes that your readers and their friends can help us again this year.

All they have to do is register at: or call Kroger Customer Communications at 1-800-Krogers (576-4377) and select option #3.

Washington County Vocational Workshop’s number is 90507.

Once they enroll/re-enroll their Kroger Plus card, we will receive 3 percent on eligible purchases.

We would appreciate your help immensely. Please spread that word to your family and friends. This program has helped provide numerous items and activities for our clients.

If people prefer, they can also help local schools. Contact the school for information.

Thank you very much for your help.

The clients and staff of WCVW.

Renda J. Rabe,

DT Director