Hornets Closing In On End of Season

The Nashville Hornets golf team is closing in on the end of the season, as they have just three varsity matches before Regionals on October 4. The Hornets had three varsity matches this week as they traveled to take on Wesclin, Greenville, and Christ Our Rock Lutheran, and also took on Hillsboro at home.

The Hornets took on Hillsboro in a two-team match at home on September 13. The Hornets finished the match ten strokes behind Hillsboro. Hillsboro finished with a 160, while Nashville finished with a 170. Tyler Williamson led Nashville with a 40, followed by Trevor Meier with a 42. Kelton Harre added a 43, and Briley Dahncke finished with a 45.

On Wednesday September 14, the Hornets traveled to take on Wesclin. The Hornets came away with the victory in the head-to-head matchup as they finished with a 178, while Wesclin finished with a 209. The Hornets were led by Hayden Heggemeier with a 41, followed by Trevor Meier with a 44. Kelton Harre finished with a 46 and Jacob Maschhoff finished with a 47 in the match.

The Hornets were back in action on September 15 as they traveled to take on Christ Our Rock Lutheran, and Greenville. The Hornets finished first in the match with a 166. Christ Our Rock Lutheran finished second with a 190, and Greenville finished third with a 226. Carson Parker was the top finisher for Nashville with a 39. Williamson finished with a 41, Dahncke finished with a 42, and Harre finished with a 44 on the day.