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Little Hornets

Little Hornet Football is off and running for the Season. The season started on August 28th and it was a hot one. The freshman team had a bye week so they got to avoid the heat.

The sophomores started the season with a win against Pinckneyville while JV lost to Waterloo 2. The Varsity had a big victory over Sparta. All four teams were off over Labor Day weekend and back in action on September 11th. With three games being played at home it was a busy day.

The Freshman kicked off at 11am and pulled out a 46-32win over Columbia. Sophomores were at Freeburg and suffered their first loss (19-12). JV shut out Pinckneyville 46-0 and Varsity topped Chester 49-13. All teams played hard and are back in action this weekend.

The Little Hornet Football Homecoming will take place September 25. In addition to all four teams playing at home we have many other events planned. The freshman team kicks off at 10:00am versus Sparta. The Freshman Moms will be playing to Sophomore Moms in a game of flag football following this game. Sophomore team will take on Columbia at noon. Tailgating will occur from noon until 3pm.

Following the sophomore game Little Hornet Football players, coaches and board members of the past and present will be recognized. JV will begin action at 2pm versus Freeburg.

Prior to the start of the Varsity game the JV moms will battle it out with the Varsity moms in a game of flag football.

Varsity will finish the day by battling Red Bud starting at 4pm.

There will be a field goal competition and throwing competition at half time of each game.

There will also be face painting and games for the kids.