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Majewski Family Reunion Held September 11

The Majewski Family Reunion was held on September 11, 2016 at Nashville Memorial Park with fried chicken and potluck.

Those attending were: Rose Spires of Festus, Mo.; Curtis and Terri Spires of Oakville, Mo.; Jeff and Kathy Conners of Ashley; Linda Stanfield of Scheller; Jennifer Kabat and Hailey Horaz of Benton; Camille, David, Gary, Karen Lee, and Brayden King of St. Louis; Michael Lee of Houston, Texas; Jeff, Jim and Diane Majewski of Tamaroa.

Ellie and Violet Searly of DuQuoin; Jack Colle, Severine Czerniejewski, Jeff and Denise Evans of Ashley; Josh Haley, Madi, Reid and Emma Evans of Nashville; Marcia and John Kabat of Scheller; Irene, Ron, and Linda Shermann of Tamaroa; Warren and Janet Sherman of Pinckneyville; Dale and Diane Kroetz of Mount Vernon; and Rose Pelczynski of Nashville.

Alan and Judy Middendorf of Maryland Heights, Mo.; Cole and Joyce Shelton of Sullivan, Mo.; Travis, Andrea, Kathryn and Madelyn Shelton of Edwardsville; Ed, Agnes, Diane, Angie and Salina Kubicki of Mount Vernon; C.J. Crown of Mount Vernon; Sean, Chastity, and Caylee Jo Stewart of Scheller; Dennis and Renee Kubicki of Scheller; and Mary Ann, Joe, Tom, and Elizabeth Hallermann of Florissant, MO

Richie Majewski of Tamaroa; Louis and Helen Janowksi of Frankfort; Darlene Royola of New Lenox; Gerard and Ryan Restoff, Pat Liszewski of Hoyleton; Alphonse Lamczyk of Radom; Clarence and Phyllis Majewski, Charlotte Sanders of DuQuoin; and Marilyn Woodside of Tamaroa.

It was a most beautiful day and everyone enjoyed visiting, taking pictures and enjoyed seeing our new additions to the family.