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RichviewSept. 14, 2016


Melody Turner 314-0684

It has been a busy month. I did attend the Richview Town Hall meeting and it sounds like the bridge on Shannon Ave will continue to be closed. There will be packets available soon for the upcoming vacancies on the Village Board.

According to the spoons in the persimmons we will have lots of snow this winter..Are you ready?

What would you like too see in the Richview article?

If anyone is interested in taking the concealed carry class please contact me as I will be helping to organize some classes.

Ashley Community Committee is still selling chances on a SCCY 22 handgun to raise money for fireworks. If your interested in purchasing a chance please contact me. There will only be 52 chances sold and the winner will pick the gun up at W.W Sales in Ashley.

Richview United Methodist Church has Women’s prayer and share,on Tuesday at 1:30 .Bible study every Wednesday at 6:00 pm bring your favorite finger food. Sunday morning a light breakfast is served before services at 10 am. The food pantry is September 24 at 9 am. If you need assistance from the food pantry contact Pastor Dennis Gambill at 249-6014.

Shakes and Ladders special 20 percent off all L.S.B tags for the month of September.

A.G.S is collecting soda tabs and box tops. Grandparents Day was great. The kids were so excited to see all the Grandparents and to shop the book fair.

If you have questions or comments please contact me. Have a fantastic week.