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A Steamy Fall Festival Weekend

092816 Angels for Autism-8816 C.jpg

ABOVE LEFT, Letisha Lueking Orlet and Cathy Dinkelman of the Washington County Historical Society donned some old-timey garb for the Society’s 50th anniversary celebration, held Saturday at the Historical Society museum. ABOVE RIGHT, It’s a mad dash off of the starting line at the Angels For Autism Run Saturday morning. BELOW LEFT, Rio Paralympian Chuck Melton of Richview showed off his silver medal to kids at the Fall Festival (and plenty of adults too!). For more on Melton and his wheelchair rugby teammate Eric Newby, who also has a connection to the area, see next week’s edition of The Nashville News. BELOW ALL AROUND, Pet parade people, and pets.

092816 Chuck Melton-9212 C.jpg

Awards for best booths at the Fall Festival included second place winner Washington County Historical Society, ABOVE, and third place winner Pokorney’s Kettle Corn, BELOW. First place winner Uniquely Yours is on page A1.

092816 WC Historical Society Kathy and Letisha-9129 C.jpg
092816 Fall Festival Pet Parade-8839 C.jpg

The Nashville Fall Festival was held over the weekend, and despite some unseasonably warm weather, there was plenty of fun to be had. ABOVE, Uniquely Yours won the prize for the best booth, voted on by the Fall Festival vistors. RIGHT, Pet parade participants came out, animals in tow. For more from the parade, as well as from the Washington County Historical Society’s 50th anniversdary and the Angels for Autism Run, see page A5

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