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It Happened HereSeptember 28, 2016

It Happened Here

Eighty Years Ago


William Toedte opened a heating and roofing business on East Main Street.

Washington County personal property tax totaled over two million dollars.

Gerhardt Sprehe of New Minden injured his foot and shoulder when six horses hitched do a disk dragged him over a field.

A new coal mine was being dug in Okawville.

William Beggs, 79-year-old Oakdale farmer, was struck by a car in Nashville.

Deaths: Mrs. Harry Duckworth, 64, of Pinckneyville; Elaine Ivy, formerly of Nashville; John Behrens, 82, formerly of Okawville.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


Leslie Paul closed his heating and plumbing business in Nashville.

The local Gamble Store was sold to Richard Windler of Hoyleton.

Willhite Motor Sales Co. of Benton bought the Ford Agency in Nashville.

Mildred Smith, 14, Erma Kuhn, 13, and Shirley Ann Schrader, 12, all of Okawville, drowned in the Kaskaskia River on a scout outing.

Phillip Kryger, 37, of Mt. Vernon, formerly of Nashville, was killed when he was struck by an L&N passenger train in Ashley.

Other deaths: Henry Westerfeld, 75, of Hoyleton; Walter Kimzey, 81, of Tamaroa; Clara Backs, 34, of Nashville; and Minnie Arnsmeyer, 85, of Nashville.

Seventy Years Ago


The Aydt Milling Co. of Nashville started production of 276,000 pounds of soft wheat flour for the United Nations Relief Association to meet the emergency need.

Four cars of an L&N freight train derailed in Ashley.

The Washington County Board of Supervisors set the annual salary for the county clerk at $1,500; for the treasurer at $2,500l for the sheriff at $2,200.

Fred Aubel assumed management of the Merchants Hotel in Nashville.

Maxine Habbe, Mariann Borowiak and Nadine Fox were candidates for Lions Club Fair Queen. Maxine Habbe won the contest.

Area soldiers discharged included: Pvt. Edmund Smugala of Nashville, Staff Sgt. Reinhold Maschhoff of Hoyleton and Staff Sgt. Elroy Brammeier of Oakdale.

Deaths: Herman Storck, 78, of Plum Hill; Herbert Rinne, 36, of New Minden; Christ Meinert, 71; and Bernard Rocklage, 78, of Nashville.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


Two slot machines seized by state police in a raid at Greer’s Truck Stop and Overturf’s in Ashley were destroyed.

Stanley Horst of Hoyleton was a returning lettermen to begin basketball practice at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

Small boys jackets were $5.95 at Backs Department Store in Nashville.

Deaths: Mrs. Edward Wetzel, 70, formerly of Ashley; Richard Davis, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Davis of Nashville; and Lizzie Seifker, 85, of Lone Wolf, OK.

Sixty Years Ago


The annual census noted 27 manufacturing plants in Washington County with an annual payroll of $2,185,000.

Cunningham Electric Co. bought the Nashville Gas Co.

Deaths: Ann Runge, 80, of Stone Church; Harold Van Dyke, 70, of Ashley; Louise Hohman, 88, of Cincinnatti, OH; Leonard Timmons, 36, of Walnut Hill; Ida Schmidt, 72, of Ocala, FL, formerly of Nashville; John Gaebe, 69, of New Salem, ND, a native of Addieville; and Ann Marie Beckmeyer, 70, of Irvington.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


Oil was discovered at the north edge of Richview.

Leland Tubbs purchased the Small Shell Service Station.

Tri-County Electric was awarded a $392,000 extension loan to provide service to 400 new customers.

The wheat crop in Washington County averaged 28 bushels per acre. Oats dropped from 40 bushels an acre to 35 from the previous year.

Winds from a tornado damaged farm buildings on the Melvin Paul and Oliver Shubert farms in Washington County.

Deaths: Ray Rather, 50, of Nashville; Theodore Neuhaus, 52, of Nashville; Henry Soeteber, 78, of Oakdale; John Meyer, 77, of Okawville; Joseph Malkowicz, 85, of Tamaroa; Edwin Prasuhn, 81, of Hoyleton; Hattie McDonald, 78, of Richview; and Frieda Blumhorst, 71, of Plum Hill.

Fifty Years Ago


A group of Richview families was granted a $120,000 loan from the Farmers Home Administration to develop a rural water system.

Nashville City Council applied to the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation for a grant to construct a multi-purpose lake five miles east of Nashville on Beaucoup Creek.

With 417 students enrolled in Nashville High School, the local district was the smallest in the Southwestern Egyptian Conference.

Mail zip coded were being introduced into the Washington County area.

Deaths: John Bejma, 42, of Ashley; Fred Brink, 75, of Sedalia, MO, a native of Hoyleton; Leona Koch, 52, of Marissa; Ida Frederking, 71, of Okawville; and Elsie Sanders, 80, of Centralia.

Forty-Five Years Ago


The annual county budget was set a $162,000.

Due to an all-day rain, the Okawville Wheat Festival was postponed for one week.

A survey showed Washington County residents consumed an average of 166 pounds of meat and 116 pounds of potatoes annually.

A large barn on the Riechmann Brothers property near Okawville was destroyed by fire. One night earlier, a barn belonging to Frederick Roethlisberger on Mill Street was also damaged by fire.

Deaths: Aurelius Wessel, 45, of Nashville; William heck, 69, of Du Bois; Emilie Donohue, 87, of Richmond, VA, a native of New Minden; Johana Schubert, 87, of Tamaroa; and Clarence Bell, 76, of Tamaroa.

Forty Years Ago


Katherine Haier, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Haier of Okawville, received the title of 1976 Wheat Queen. First runner-up was Gale Morgan.

Kroger advertised ground beef for 58 cents a pound.

Deaths: Mrs. Robert Lewis, 93, former resident of Nashville; Leroy Beckmeyer, 63, of Houston, TX; George Kuhn, 59, of Centralia; James Williams, 77, of Collinsville; Walter Maschhoff, 76, of Hoyleton; Ira Clemens, 84, of Richview; Emma Mitchell, 81, of Ashley; Edwin Gummersheimer, 76, of Valmeyer; Viola Counts, 79, of Missouri; Helen Miller of Nashville; and Dominic Levendowski of Nashville.

Thirty-Five Years Ago


Denise Meyer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Meyer of Nashville, was crowned queen at the Okawville Fair. First runner-up was June Spenner of Hoyleton and second runner-up was Mona Haier of Okawville.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held for renovations at Memorial Park Pool in Nashville.

Plans were being made for the first Fall Festival to be held on the courthouse square in Nashville.

Sara Maschhoff, four, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Don Maschhoff of Hoyleton, won five trophies in a twirling competition.

Bob Schaltenbrand received a certificate for 25 years of service to the Boy Scouts.

John Swope, 19, of Okawville was fatally injured in a two-vehicle accident on Route 15 near Venedy Road.

Other deaths: Henry Dixon, 30, of Fort Worth, TX, formerly of Nashville; Josie Parker, 79, of Du Bois; Laura Howell, 48; Marion Novak, 63, of Radom; Albert Bodendieck, 63, of Oakdale; Earl Klingenberg of New Athens, formerly of Okawville; and John Schrodi, 33, of Okawville.

Weddings: Darla Galle and Donald Borrenpohl; Mary Smalley and Kevin Setzkorn; Jayne Green and John Cummins; Rhonda Kolweier and Glen Isringhaus.

Thirty Years Ago


Most Washington County schools showed an increase in enrollment.

Nashville Public Library Board discussed plans for an addition to the library.

Three members of the Uhlig family of Colorado died in motor home fire, including Mildred (Fruend) Uhlig. Five other family members escaped.

Other deaths: Emma Hoelscher, 79, of Plum Hill; Jayne Fulton, 47, of Okawville; William Claytor, 83, of Nashville; Sophia Lehr, 91, of Belleville; Cecilia Resch, 69, of Ashley; Ina Haltenhoff, 57, of Richview; Mary Haun, 67, of Mt. Vernon; and Junior Dean Giacomo, 61, of Coulterville.

Weddings: Shelly Brinkman and Paul Brown; Lee Herzog-McKlin and Thomas Borowiak; Karen Black and David Wilke; June Joiner and James Zinck; Melanie Steinman and Todd Evans; Sharon Decker and Alan Auld.

Twenty-Five Years Ago


A survey of high school students in Nashville showed 45 percent went uptown, sat uptown or talked to friends uptown in their free time. Twenty-eight percent were involved in sports by either participating or watching; 26 percent cruised; 23 percent were working either at home or at a job; and 20 percent watched television.

Family Medical Center and Nashville Pharmacy opened for business at a new location on South Mill Street.

The Washington County Arts Council was preparing to present “Beanie and the Bamboozling Book Machine.”

Charline Rea, 78, of Nashville was killed in an auto accident on U.S. 51 north of Carbondale.

Other deaths: Ira Sturgeon, 94, of Richview; Floyd Patton, 90, of Oakdale; Billy Raymo, 18, of St. Louis; Velva Zewiski, 76, of Nashville; Eupha Brown, 91, of Irvington; Elda Meier, 84, of Friendship Manor Health Care Center; Elmer Neuhaus, 80, of Hoyleton; Elizabeth Meyer, 79, of Nashville; Paul Miller, 70, of Du Quoin; Burton “Catfish” Thomas, 80, of Centralia; John Riead, 99, of Colorado Springs; and Kenneth Grafton, 75, of Coulterville.

Weddings: Deborah Kirsch and Richard Harrison; and Michelle Heseman and Derek Payton.

Births: Loyd and Geralyn Isringhaus of Okawville, a son; and Craig Steven and Sonya Sprehe of Woodlawn, a daughter.

Twenty Years Ago


Okawville School Board approved a contract calling for a starting salary of $22,075 for teachers.

Sheriff Jerry Borrenpohl helped destroy 156 marijuana pants growing wild along the railroad tracks between Okawville and Addieville.

A Radom woman who carried a shotgun into Radom Village Hall was sentenced to 18 months in prison after her probation was revoked on a previous conviction for aggravated DUI.

Dick Shew won a life-size, stand-up James Dean in a drawing to mark the Postal Service’s release of commemorative stamps featuring the Hollywood legend.

Deaths: Earl Zacheis, 53, of Oakdale; Wayne Schmitz, 77, of Centralia; Artie Cameron Sr., 66, of Ashley; Brent Davidson, 6, of Jacksonville, NC; Alice Kerksieck, 93, of Addieville; John Shurtz, 93, of St. Louis; Anna Witte, 88, of St. Louis; Robert Sicka, 73, of Hot Springs, AR.

Birth: Nathan and Stacy Bartling of Hoyleton, a son.

Fifteen Years Ago


Over 300 people attended the interfaith memorial service at the Fall Festival for the victims of 9-11. Local emergency personnel were recognized.

Washington County Hospital showed a profit of nearly $240,000 for the first four months of the fiscal year.

Nashville Grade School had an enrollment of 580 and 568 were attending NCHS.

Debbie Ohms and Julie Heine won first prize for their craft booth at the Fall Festival.

Kim Oelze was named to the Illinois Petroleum Resources Board.

Burning feathers from a hawk electrocuted on a power line caused a fire on a utility pole southwest of Nashville.

Deaths: Esther Nowacki, 79, of Radom; Lois Stelzriede, 85, of Greenville; Vernon Maxwell, 79, of Beaucoup; Delores Bierman, 68, of Central City; Melba Niehaus, 80, of Sun City West, AZ.

Births: Bill and Staci Schuster of Mt. Vernon, a daughter; Mike and Jill Frederking of Addieville, a daughter; Corey and Stacey Hoelscher of Mascoutah, a son; John and Miranda Pieszchalski, twin sons; Jim and Stephanie Daiber of New Memphis, a daughter; Michael and Valerie Perjak of New Haven, a son.

Ten Years Ago


Overflowing trash dumpsters had Nashville City Council concerned that out-of-town residents were making use of them.

About two inches of rain over the weekend cancelled many events and closed some craft booths at the Nashville Fall Festival.

A decline in enrollment meant a loss of $100,000 in state aid at Okawville School District 10.

Births: Nate and Danett Kohnle of Rockford, a daughter; Scott and Jennifer Cragen of O’Fallon, a daughter; Jeffrey and Miranda Althoff of Addieville, a son.

Deaths: Darlene Gerstkemper, 72, of Hoyleton; Calvin Ibendahl, 81, of Du Quoin; Marjorie Barkau, 89, of Nashville; and James Ard, 52.

Weddings: Laura Krueger and Drew Hesker; Jill Hartley and Ross Lietz; and Nancy Black and Kenny Markham.

Five Years Ago


Good weather, good attractions, good food and good vendors all lead to good crowds at the Fall Festival.

NCHS Superintendent Wendy Davis told the school board that she had been in communication with Okawville schools and feeder schools in order to try to seek a one-percent sales tax to help benefit schools.

Kaskaskia College eyed a $2.4-million expansion of the Nashville Education Center.

Enrollment in Washington County Schools was down by 600 since 1997, new data released by the Regional Office of Education showed.

Nashville Primary School District 49 released a new $4.7-million budget which had margins described as “razor thin” in its education, operations and maintenance and transportation funds.

Births: Kentan Steven Lundegreen was born on September 7 to Marshall and Michelle Lundegreen of Mt. Vernon; Bentley David Meyer was born on August 31 to Doug and Cindy Meyer of Nashville.

Tiffany Janowski and Chris Lehman were wed on June 11; Vincent and Hilda Wojtowicz of DuBois celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary; Wallace and Pauline Williams of Oakdale celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Deaths: Homer “Ted” Franklin, 84, of Marissa, Sept. 21; Richard Long, 64, of Okawville, Sept. 21; Norman Prest, 89, of Coulterville, Sept. 21.