Oakdale Park Memorial Tree Program

Oakdale Tree BW.jpg

Those who have enjoyed a stroll through the Oakdale park, may have noticed the engraved tree markers. Last year, the village introduced a program that allows people to purchase and donate a tree for the park. In turn, the village purchased a personalized engraved tree marker. So far six people have participated in the program and at least two more have pledged trees for this fall. Additional tree donations are being sought for October planting.

Many of the established trees were dying so it was necessary to replant and this program allows the community to become involved. A tree benefits this and future generations and is a wonderful memorial. Planting a tree can commemorate an event and allows it to be shared with the community. Some events to commemorate include the death of a loved one, birth of a child, a wedding, a milestone birthday, anniversary, graduation, or retirement, or any special event. Businesses, organizations, and families are encouraged to donate a tree too. Also, if anyone would like to donate a park bench, the village will purchase an engraved plaque.

The donated trees can be purchased from anywhere but need to be approved by the park committee. The committee would need to approve the location for the trees to be planted and would prefer autumn plantings. Although the park is trying to establish and label Illinois native tree species, most any tree can be donated. Crystal Alfeldt will be traveling to Missouri to a specialized tree nursery to purchase Illinois native trees. Most of these can be purchased for about $15. For details on these trees or for anyone wishing to donate and plant a tree, please contact Crystal at 618-329-5784 by Tuesday, October 11. Other park committee members are B.J. Ehret and Missy Turner.

Holleigh Hiller. Her grandfather, Fred Endres, donated a tree in her name.