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It Happened HereOct. 5, 2016

It Happened Here

Eighty Years Ago


Work on the Nashville WPA sewer project was resumed after a three-week strike by the workers. The union scale for wages agreed to $1.50 an hour for trench operators, back fillers and crane operators; and $1 per hour for mixer operators. Form builders and carpenters got 85 cents per hour while cat skinners and blade operators received $1.125 per hour.

Ladie’s coats were cleaned for 75 cents at the Dutch Mill Laundry and Cleaners.

Deaths: Anna Koening of Okawville; Maggie Hermanns of Biddleborn; Rev. Samuel Albrecht, pastor of the North Prairie M.E. Church; Paul Wehking, 38, of Hoyleton; and John Snyder of Oakdale.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


Edwin Kleeman of Beaucoup was promoted to sergeant in the highway patrol.

Farmers and Merchants National Bank reported assets of $1,088,412.04.

Dr. W.T. Smith located a dental office in Nashville.

Featured films at the State Theatre included “Shepherd of the Hills” with John Wayne.

Five rolls of toilet tissue were 25 cents at Daniel’s Food Store.

Lt. Max Curtis Hammer Jr., 25, was killed in an accident while serving in the Army Air Corps in China.

Other deaths: Mrs. Louis Kroeger, 77, of Hoyleton; John Trost Sr., 92, of Plum Hill; and Henry Koelker, 60, of Okawville.

Seventy Years Ago


Whitey’s Garage at the Ashley Wye was burglarized with the loss of an outboard motor and other valuables.

Illinois wheat growers were warned to expect a plague of hessian fly next year.

A seven ounce package of Cheerios was 12 cents.

Area soldiers discharged included: Pvt. Robert Woodside of Swanwick; Pvt. Ernest Deering of Ashley; Sgt. Thomas Piotrowski; Motor Machinist Mate Francis Malich of Ashley; Storekeeper Perley Toedte of Nashville; and Pvt. Leslie Winfree of Nashville.

Deaths: L. Henry Kirchhoefer, 76, of Nashville; Caroline Nolting, 69, of Louisville; Mary Lohoff, 86, formerly of New Minden; Mary Holtz, 81; Emma Seiffertt, 64, of Plum Hill; Rosie Wayer, 75, of Du Bois; and Henry Greten, 72, of Lively Grove.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


Kenneth McClay, 7, of Oakdale, was the first reported victim of polio in the county this year.

Lorenz Bottling Co. observed its seventieth anniversary.

Deaths: Minnie Buchholz, 82, formerly of Hoyleton; Anton Pries, 69, of Ashley; Margart Miller, 80, of Pilot Knob Township; Mrs. Louis Oppenlander, formerly of Richview; and Ollie Eade, formerly of Nashville.

Sixty Years Ago


A new Girl Scout Brownie Troop was being organized under the sponsorship of the Nashville Woman’s Club.

Nashville City Council passed an ordinance to fluoridate the city’s water system.

Ross Jones was elected president of the senior class at Nashville High School.

Deaths: George Seyler, a native of Pilot Knob Township; Bertha Kelly, 77, of East St. Louis; Joseph Henry Friend, 80, formerly of Nashville; Kathryn Herdibu, 71, formerly of Nashville; Ann Smalley, 40, of Ashley; and Ethel Williamson, 71, of Pinckneyville.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


The Washington County Hospital property was annexed to the city.

William Williamson of Addieville was named manager of the Hoyleton Poultry Farm.

A cave-in at the Du Bois Coal Mine, the oldest in the state, made its reopening doubtful.

The Washington County Board of Supervisors voted to seek federal funds to reconstruct a bridge in Du Bois Township.

Deaths: Carrie Smtih, 71, of Nashville; Emma Droege, 75, of Nashville; R. William Finke, 102, Kirkwood, MO; Mrs. Oscar Nierman, 60, of Hoyleton; and Frances Seyler, 83, formerly of Nashville.

Fifty Years Ago


Washington County wheat averaged 43 bushels per acre and the average yield for oats was 34 bushels per acre.

A $12,000 water system loan was awarded to Richview.

Rebecca Maxwell and Cathy Heggemeier, students at Nashville Community High School, received letters of commendation from the National Merit Scholarship publication.

Deaths: Clara Paszkiewicz, 52, of Radom; Madison Hagebusch, 87, of Okawville; Clarenc Wilson, 64, of Mt. Vernon; Fred Heitert; Joseph Sobeck of Chicago; Fannie Auld, 81, of Oakdale; Emilie Meyer, 77, of Addieville; Walter Hoelscher, a native of Stone Church; and the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lynn James.

Forty-Five Years Ago


Kathy Tielemann was named Okawville Wheat Festival Queen.

Guy Hughes of Okawville caught a two-pound albino catfish.

Cecil and Ruby Alfeldt of Oakdale announced plans to build a self-service laundry in Sparta.

Ground-breaking ceremonies were held for the new Washington County Farm Bureau building to be built directly in front of the old building.

Marjorie Benedict, 5, of Hoyleton, drowned in her family’s farm pond.

Other deaths: Rev. Herman Feierabend of Nashville; John Wagner, 71, of Scheller; Adam Kerry, 84, of Du Bois; John Mitchell, 66, of Mt. Vernon; Frances Eater, 53, a native of Du Bois; Adrian Conaway, 85, of Nashville and Stephen Witkowski, 77, of Du Bois.

Forty Years Ago


Installation of a new 2,000 bushel per hour grain dryer at the local Washington County Service Company elevator was nearing completion.

Jack Freeman was appointed assistant vice-president and loan officer of Hoyleton State and Savings Bank.

Deaths: Adolph Reinhardt, 80, of Okawville; Addie Prusz, 82, of Nashville; Ella Brandhorst, 86, of Nashville; John Schwind, 85, of Tamaroa; Father Thaddeus Woloszyk, 90, of St. Louis; Carolina “Lena” Reinhardt, 80, of Nashville; John Coil, 55, of Sullivan; Francis Steins, 67, of St. Louis; Henry Czesnakowicz, 50, of Chicago; Walter Schmidt, 67, of Marissa; and Henry Layton, 69, of Tamaroa.

Thirty-Five Years Ago


Julie Jenderson of Okawville grew some giant sunflowers.

Melvin Kemper of Okawville sold the Kemper Funeral Home to Moll Funeral Home, Ltd.

Washington County Hospital was proposing an intensive care unit.

“Stripes” starring Bill Murray was showing at the State Theatre in Nashville.

Stephen Zinck, 16, was fatally injured when he was apparently caught in a self unloading wagon.

Other deaths: Otto Krewinghaus of Venedy; Cora May Keeling, 97, of Du Quoin; Cora Sparling, 77, formerly of Nashville; David Bell, 19, formerly of Pinckneyville; Angenette Eade, 58, of Collinsville; Frank Jankowski Sr., 76, formerly of Nashville; Scott Sloat, 73, of Centralia; James Pashak, 75, of Michigan; Earl Jones, 70, of Pinckneyville; and Carmen Harriss, 80, of Tamaroa.

Weddings: Betty Aldag and Charles Barth; and Hope Klingenberg and Devin Kaem.

Thirty Years Ago


A ribbon cutting was held at Haertling II.

Nascote Industries was accepting job applications through Illinois Job Service.

The lifeline program was demonstrated at the Washington County Hospital. There were 16 subscribers to the system.

Deaths: Ruth Watts, 90, formerly of Nashville; Oliver Finke, 57, of Mt. Vernon; Helen Borchelt, 70, of Nashville; Raymond Finke, 79, of Decatur; Erwin Barkau, 80, of Okawville; Dorothy Mosley, 66, of formerly of Oakdale; Freda Pries, 84, of St. Louis; Mary Bochantin, 80, of Nashville; Robert Chambers of Richton Park; and Casimir Kostecki, 71, of St. Louis.

Weddings: Melissa Holzhauer and David Deimeke; and Lisa Martens and Robert Schaltenbrand II.

Twenty-Five Years Ago


Krupp Funeral Home in Nashville celebrated its 100th year in business.

Georgia Gundlach, 36, of Richview won a new Oldsmobile Cutlass in the “Fortune Hunt” television program of the Illinois Lottery.

Lee’s Sports reached a milestone in athletic shoe sales by selling more than 25,000 pairs of Converse Athletic shoes since 1985.

Deaths: Joseph Pelczynski, 67, of Nashville; Roland Recker, 68, of Venedy; Raymond Maschhoff, 76, of Hoyleton; Enoch “Enick” Barnowski, 67, of St. Louis; Mary Patrick, 66, of Freeburg; Irene Gibbs, 66, of Fairview Heights; Bertha Fischer, 86, of St. Louis County; Elizabeth Durr, 92, of Granite City; Jack Garrison, 64, of Ashley; Sylvester Sommer, 84, of St. Libory; Kathryn Ottesen, 87, of Chester; Paul Mize, 28, of Nashville; and Steven Meier, 33, of Mascoutah.

Wedding: Julie Heimann and Steven Weeke.

Births: Matt and Donna Bathon of Nashville, a daughter; David and Shirley Forys of Nashville, a daughter; Michael and Brenda Fieber of Hoyleton, a son; Jerome and Elizabeth Dreas of Ashley, a daughter; Captain and Mrs. Gary Small of KI Sawyer AFB, Michigan, a daughter; and Harvey and Karen Bunker of Nashville, a daughter.

Twenty Years Ago


Washington County Hospital purchased the former Nashville Medical Clinic for $108,000.

New Minden received EPA approval for its new sewer project.

The minimum wage was increased to $4.75 per hour.

A man with identification from several states was struck and killed at the Wamac Railroad Yard while trying to hitch a ride on a passing train.

A 46-inch screen TV was $1,699 at J&R Appliances.

Deaths: Edna Haake, 83, of Nashville; Rev. Emil Maziarz, 74, of Belleville; Raymond Pelczynski, 59, of Du Quoin; Leo Krolikowski, 79, of Mt. Vernon; Ann Mierek, 83, of Harvard; Cecilia Deloria, 81, of Energy; Bernice Young, 87, of Okawville; Catherine Ziarneck, 91, of Scheller; Betty Williams, 76, of Nashville; and Ollie Lombardo, 73, of Benton.

Weddings: Vickie Meyer and Richard Dziaba; Shelby Meyer and Cory Meier; Lori Grzegork and Dirk Niermann; and Cheryl Abboussie and Michael Heseman.

Births: Rick and Tammie Maschhoff of Nashville, a daughter; David and Tonya Thompson of Oakdale, a son; David and Sandra Kauzlarich of Philadelphia, PA, a daughter; Milton and Stephanie Ehret of Oakdale, a daughter; and Karl and Sara Markham of Nashville, a daughter.

Fifteen Years Ago


After neighbors complained about parking, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Garlich were given 30 days to resolve the matter so they could obtain a zoning permit to serve noon buffets at their Mill Creek Inn.

Washington County’s jobless rate of 3.7 percent was the lowest of six neighboring counties.

A Hoyleton teen was sentenced to 60 days in jail for stealing and defacing a number of flags in Nashville.

Alan and Jill Hohlt purchased TNT Tanning from Terry Gardner.

Duane Mann was appointed to Ashley City Council.

McDaniel’s Furniture offered carpet for $7.99 a square yard.

Jordan “Jody” Gajewski, 19, of Ashley was killed in a single vehicle accident.

Other deaths: Virdell Deering, 77, of Du Bois; Roger Hammond, 37, of Nashville; Robert Maynard, 50, of Steeleville; Barnard Wessel, 48, of Angleton, TX; Carl Davis, 41, of Oakdale; Elsie Peeck, 96, of Walkerton, IN; and Henry Kettler, 87, of Millstadt.

Births: John and Michelle Foster of Okawville, a daughter; Brad and Kris Schnitker of Hoyleton, a son; Becky Troutt of Nashville and Rob Sexe of Osage Beach, MO, a son; Stephen and Charyl Haegele of Venedy, a daughter.

Ten Years Ago


Nashville Community Fire Protection District was preparing to ask voters to approve $2.5 million in bonds for a new fire station on South Mill Street.

Brittany Newman was crowned NCHS Homecoming Queen.

Washington County’s jobless rate was 4.1 percent.

Over 33 inches of rain had been recorded by the end of September.

Residents around Addieville and Richview were seeing wallaroos that were released from New Minden a couple of years earlier.

Ground chuck and chicken breasts were $1.99 a pound.

Births: Brian and Rachel Gabrovic of Addieville, a daughter; Jason and Jessica Lietz of Clarksville, TN, a son; Joe and Amy Pinski, a son.

Deaths: Larry Voss, 64, of Nashville; Charles Dahncke, 77, of Danville; Fern Klaus, 86, of Highland; Josephine Lukasik, 93, of Ashley; Rosalie Bellew, 96; Hazel Hoepker, 84, of Columbia; Donald Copple, 84, of Morton Grove; Phyllis Safford, 67, of Richview.

Five Years Ago


Circuit judge Dennis Hatch denied a motion from the defense of accused murderer Clay Maxwell which requested a change of venue.

The Community Center announced plans to host a dinner auction.

Retired teacher Connie Wiese received the Making A Difference award from Kaskaskia College.

Engagements, weddings and anniversaries: Sarah Buescher and Donald “Pat” Hollowell announced their plans for an October wedding; Sara Mallard and Jeff Clouse announced their plans for an October 21 wedding; Heather Small and Lawrence Miller were wed on July 16; LoVern and Betty Rennegarbe celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Deaths: Garrett Stiegman, 34, of Dorsey, formerly of Nashville, September 28; Ross Smith, 55, of Shorewood, Wisc., September 12; Leo Kellerman, 82, of Pinckneyville, September 30; Leola Lehde, 89, of Addieville, September 29