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OctoberNCHS Superintendent’s Notes – Oct. 5, 2016

By Ernie Fowler – Nashville CHSD #99

It is hard to believe that October is now upon us. Didn’t we just start back to school….like yesterday? I enjoy October because it has that feel of fall. Fall is my favorite time of year. Unfortunately, here in Southern Illinois, it seems like we go from the intense heat of summer to the cold blast of winter practically overnight. Ok….maybe we get 2-3 days of prime fall weather, but that isn’t nearly enough for me.

October means the leaves start to change colors and fall from the trees. One of my favorite past times as a kid was getting my friends together, raking a large pile of leaves, then passing the football where we would have to dive into the leaves to make an outstanding catch. I always pretended to be Roger Staubach of my Dallas Cowboys completing a pass to Drew Pearson to win the Super Bowl. October also means the start of jacket season. I get to blow the dust off of my Nashville Hornet coat and hoodie to wear during my outdoor adventures. October, however, brings a sense of urgency. There are usually only a few days of “not too hot, not too cold” left to be outside. Winter will soon be knocking on the door. My leisurely walks from the car to the door of the school then turn into a sprint as if my hair was on fire in an effort to get out of the cold. I’m sure my long underwear has missed me much more than I’ve missed it! October means it is time for the World Series….with or without the Cardinals. October is my mother-in-law’s birthday. Yes, the same day that Columbus sailed the ocean blue but, no, she wasn’t born in 1492! October is also a joyful time with my seven year old. We make our annual pilgrimage to Bandy’s Pumpkin Patch located between Johnston City and Herrin. It just isn’t fall until I’ve fired a corn cob out of a make-shift cannon. There also is the good old-fashioned hayride. Nothing screams autumn like finding straw in my pants! Finally, we count down the days until it is time to yell “trick or treat”! As of now, my little guy has decided to dress as a zombie this year. The costume selection is always subject to change. I’ll go as myself. That seems to frighten enough folks!

I guess we all have a favorite time of year. There are even people who actually love winter! What insanity!! I’ve only got 26 more days of my favorite month left to enjoy. According to my calculations, that means we have only 80 shopping days left until Christmas. For all of our little boys and girls, I hear that Santa is already making his list and checking it twice. Good news. Since it is only October, you still have time to turn from naughty to nice!


NCHS Superintendent’s Notes