Section 21 Tractor Driving CDE

6. Tractor Driving BW.jpg

By: Alex Johannes, Chapter Reporter

Nobody likes to show off their tractor driving skills more than FFA members! On September 15th, six members from the Nashville FFA Chapter did exactly that when they went to West Frankfort to participate in the Tractor Driving CDE. This contest consists of two components: a written test and a skills course. During the written test portion, members answered questions on basic tractor operation and safety. In the second component, members had to drive a tractor through a course while pulling a trailer and practice their backing skills while placing a trailer into a simulated shed. The Nashville FFA Chapter placed 1st at the Section 21 competition with Kyle Lamczyk as the 1st place individual and Zach Williamson as the 4rd place individual.

Participants (pictured from left to right): Andrew Brown, Brayden Schnitker, John Kwiatkowski, Andrew Holle, Kyle Lamczyk, and Zach Williamson.