It Happened HereOctober 12, 2016

It Happened Here

Eighty Years Ago


The City of Ashley was planning a vote on $13,500 in general obligation bonds for construction of a waterworks system.

Governor Henry Horner paid his first visit to Washington County in four years.

Ann’s Beauty Shop was advertising permanents at $2 and up, shampoo and set for 35 cents and machineless perms for $5.

Deaths: Mrs. Frank Kowalski, 53, of Nashville; and Luetta Thompson, 47, of Irvington.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


Harry Morgan of Okawville, assistant project engineer of WPA, left for the Hawaiian Islands where he had accepted an assistant engineering job with the contractor for the Pacific Naval Air Bases.

Willie Hoffman’s tavern in Nashville was burglarized for the second time in two months. The bandits escaped with $120 in nickels and dimes.

Morton Carrick of Oakdale was kicked in the face by a mule.

Kenneth Luney and family were visiting with his mother, Nannie Luney, in Oakdale. Luney was administrator of personnel for the U.S. government in the Panama Canal Zone.

Deaths: George Zacheis, 74, of Hoyleton; the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Meentemeyer of Centralia; and Charles Wilson of Oakdale.

Seventy Years Ago


Renewing a war-time friendship with Herbert Eastman of Nashville was H.H. Barker, a native of Ipswick, England. He was on a business trip to the United States.

William Brammeier, Venedy farmer, reported a herd of approximately 46 hogs afflicted with cholera. Dr. C.R. Dean, local veterinarian, advised hog owners to have their hogs vaccinated.

Luke Hutchings sold his tavern to E.L. Cates of White County.

Several local residents reported a slight tremor from an earthquake occurring between Fredericktown, Missouri, and the Mississippi River.

Deaths: Steve Pero, 63, of Nashville; and Mrs. E.M. Brown, 84, of Nashville.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


The annual sale of real estate for payments of delinquent taxes was begun by County Treasurer T.F. Lehde.

Limestone was being advertised at $2 per ton by Huelsmann Quarry in Carlyle.

The Nashville entry of Chuck Swain and Francis Maxwell won the Centralia city tennis championship with a victory over Bill Wham and Raymond Smith.

Deaths: John Hemminghaus, 64, of Nashville; Jessie Brandis of Nashville; George Hubler, 56, a former Nashville resident; Sophia Kohler of Oxnard, CA; and Hulda Wulf of Plum Hill.

Sixty Years Ago


An estimated $120,00 fire swept through the Huegely Elevator Co. destroyed the soybean processing plant and other installations. A hot motor in the loading elevator was blamed.

County Clerk Prentice Hendricks reported that the number of eligible voters in the county was approximately 10,000.

Deaths: Mary Kaufman, 91, of Oakdale; Walter Krumsiek, 64, of Champaign; August Althoff, 73, of Modesto, CA; and Harry Wilson, 81, of Coulterville.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


The Radom Elevator expanded its facilities. The new addition gave the plant a capacity of 60,000 bushels compared to the old capacity of 16,000 bushels. Stanley Nowicki Sr. bought the elevator from Frank Pawlowski in 1926 and his son, Stanley Jr., became a partner in 1946. Another son, Marion, became associated with the firm in September 1952.

Ernst Gummersheimer of Nashville, assistant farm adviser of Washington County, broke his hip when he fell from a drill while planting wheat demonstration plots.

Nashville Community High School was planning to observe its first Homecoming on October 27.

The First Presbyterian Church held a rededication service honoring its recent completion of remodeling. Rev. H. Walter White was the pastor.

Deaths: Mae Ohlemeyer of St. Louis; Calvena Morton, 63, of Mt. Sterling; and Sophia Stawarczik, 57, of Johnston City.

Fifty Years Ago


Old Exchange National Bank of Okawville gave a surprise dinner for O.K. Moehle, executive vice president and cashier, to honor his forty-fifth year with the institutions.

The election in Kaskaskia College District resulted in the passage of a $2.5 million bond issue to provide buildings for the junior college. The vote was 5,126 to 907. Washington County approved the bond issue 511 to 149.

Phyllis Maschhoff of Nashville won fourth place in the twelfth annual Lenox Creative Table setting contest, a national competition open to high school and college home economics students. Over 370,000 students from more than 12,000 schools participate.

Deaths: John Brammeyer, 76, of Oakdale; Charles Wilke, 83, of Nashville; Fannie Auld, 81, of Oakdale; Emilie Rennegarbe, 82, of Okawville; Frank Liszewski, 79, of Du Bois; Effie Lehman of Oakdale; Margaret Maschhoff, 78, of Hoyleton; and Marie Buchmueller, 76, of Okawville.

Forty-Five Years Ago


The Nashville High School football team lost its first conference game since 1968 when Murphysboro defeated the Hornets, 27-6.

W.F. Heberer was guest of honor at a party given by the Washington County Service Co. in honor of his 20 years as general manager.

Herb Meyer of First National Bank of Okawville was presented a pin in recognition for his 50 years in the banking business.

Michael Barr of Nashville was a member of the Marching Salukis.

Deaths: Floyd McClay, 74, of Freemont, NE; and Marian Sammons, 74, of Hillsboro.

Forty Years Ago


Steve Collins became the new minister at the First Christian Church in Nashville.

The market value of all agricultural products sold by the 1,280 farms in Washington County amounted to $38,244,000 according to the Census of Agriculture.

Deaths: B.K. Pettersen, 75, of Venedy; Frank Kroll, 84, of Nashville; Charles Bochantin, 53, of St. Louis; Joseph Crystal, 69, of Venedy; Lula Sensel, 65, of Ashley; Mrs. John Niedbalski, 68, of Centralia; Emma Huge, 87, of Hoyleton; Dr. Gustave Bauer, 81, of Belleville; Agnes Behrman, 79, of St. Libory; Anna Erb, 74, of Belleville; and Fred Blackburn, 87, of Edinburg, TX.

Thirty-Five Years Ago


Tammy and Tracie Meinert of Nashville were scheduled to drive an autocycle in the Future Fuels Challenge Rally in Chicago.

Washington County was in jeopardy of losing $293,000 in federal funds for the Radom Road project because one landowner in Chicago had not been served with condemnation papers to allow for right-of-way.

Whole turkeys were 69 cents a pound and RC Cola was $1.39 for eight, 16-ounce bottles.

Deaths: Elmer Buhrman, 81, of Nashville; H. Roland Bieser, 75, a native of Nashville; Alma Lahman, 78, formerly of Tamaroa; Dave Thomson, 85, of Ashley; Eugene Hilderbrand, 54, of Nashville; Esther Barkau, 69, a native of Okawville; Joel Kellerman, four, of Pinckneyville; Lydia Engelmann, 86, of Okawville; Emma Kreft, 87, a native of New Minden; and Walter Klie, 72, of Hoyleton.

Weddings: Annette Borrenpohl and Bill Eade; Vickie Rennegarbe and Dale Waltrip; and Pamela Carte and Daniel Ponton.

Thirty Years Ago


Oliver “Ollie” Rathjen was appointed president and chief operating officer of Eagle Bank of Washington County.

Fire destroyed an unoccupied mobile home at the corner of Broadway and Adams in Nashville.

Deaths: Henry Stiegman, 78, of Nashville; Irene Woodside, 88, of Venedy; Charles Simmons, 66, of Centralia; Sylvester Liszewski, 60, of Nashville; James Woodside, 64, of Tamaroa; and Ruth Sommer, 52, of Santa Monica, CA.

Weddings: Janet Neer and Stanley Brammeier; Rosanne Trovato and Marlin Ingalis; Carolyn Stanowski and Joel Von Gann; and Michelle Haake and Ronald Boggs.

Twenty-Five Years Ago


Interactive Satellite Programming arrived at Nashville High School.

Nashville Library Board President Jim Hale presented an outline to the Chamber of Commerce for a $70,000 fundraising program for a proposed new library.

Southern Yams were 33 cents a pound and 6 1/8-ounce can of Star Kist Tuna was 49 cents.

Six members of the confirmation class of 1926 held their 65-year reunion by attending church service at St. John in Plum Hill where they were confirmed.

Memorial Park District in Nashville received $2,500 donated by the Bud Donnewald Memorial Golf Tournament.

Deaths: R.N. “Bob” Miller Sr., 83, of Nashville; Mabel Koelling, 77, of Hoyleton; Stanley Kiselewski, 65, of Mt. Vernon; Gustav Hemminghaus, 65, of Centralia; Hattie Suchomski, 79, of Pinckneyville; Vernon Carter, 68, of Tamaroa; Donald Bayless, 63, of Mascoutah; Richard Norwood, 23, of Belleville; James Lawless, 56, of Coulterville; and David Finley, 35, of Marine.

Births: Curtis and Jodi Harre of Nashville, a daughter; K.C. And Trish Hall of Columbus, IN, a daughter; Larry Nobe of Venedy, a daughter; and Gary and Penny Cook of Richview, a son.

Twenty Years Ago


Tifanie Wilkey was crowned Nashville High School Homecoming Queen.

Alco Discount Store held its grand opening.

Jim Turner was one of three state troopers on motorcycle patrol in District 13.

Burglars stole over $5,000 in cash from the Eagle’s Nest tavern in Addieville.

The 518th Ordinance Medium Maintenance Co. held its first reunion since the Korean War at the Derrick Restaurant. Lee Roy Borowiak, Tom Schroeder and Walter May of Nashville attended.

Nashville firemen were training with their new equipment designed to extricate people trapped in wrecked vehicles.

Pumpkins were 14 cents per pound and mum were $3.75 at Meyer’s Greenhouse and Nursery.

Deaths: Glen Riddle, 62, of Mt. Vernon; Mildred Kania, 86, of Carrollton; Helen Sinn, 81, of Coulterville; Charles Laur, 76, of Waltonville; Kenneth Norville, 63, of Central City; and Betty Knapp, 49, of Tamaroa.

Wedding: Dorothea Traeger and Jerrod Davis.

Births: Doug and Myka Kitowski of Scheller, a son; Theodore and Teresa Guinzy of Radom, a son.

Fifteen Years Ago


Washington County Ambulance Service took delivery of a $135,000, state-of-the-art ambulance.

The Hornettes golf team, coached by Sue Pries, advanced to the state tournament.

Nashville City Council voted to replace all 45 bushes that line St. Louis Street.

Ground was broken for Moose Lodge No. 2560 on the south side of Nashville.

Polaroid film was $19.99 for a 20-photo pack at Lee’s Variety.

Deaths: Richard Kerry, 57, of Du Bois; Joe Laur, 72, of Woodlawn; Benedict Piasecki, 74, of St. Louis; Dorothy Detering, 84, of Nashville; Vincent Musielak, 85, of St. Louis; Amelia Stroud of Glendale, AZ; Roger Hammond, 37, of Nashville; Hilarius Van Oss, 97, of Nelson, OH; Shirley Pudelek, 68, of Beaucoup; and Ross Imhoff, 97, of Hoyleton.

Weddings: Rhonda Sprehe and Ryan Isaacs; Sharisa Beek and Ronnie Burden.

Births: Brandon and Tricia Dachel of Lake Villa, a daughter; Don and Amy Wilson of Centralia, a son; Shawn and Tifanie Richeson of Centralia, a daughter; Matthew and Carla Chesnek of Woodlawn, a daughter; Alisha Jacinto of Irvington, a daughter.

Ten Years Ago


Retired San Franciso Giants pitcher Kirk Rueter and his wife, Karla, were honorary hosts of the Community Center of Nashville benefit dinner.

Michael Kollbaum was appointed to the board of United Way of South Central Illinois as that agency expanded its outreach to Washington County.

Fire destroyed a motor home parked at the Bob Weiss home, and another blaze did major damage to a farm shed owned by Tim and Julie Kirchner.

St.Ann/Trinity-St. John softball team finished second in the Class S state tournament, losing to Woodlawn 5-3.

The Okawville Lady Rocket golfers were headed to the state tournament.

Deaths: Estella Jernigan, 90, of St. Louis; Marie Parker, 85, of Alto Pass; and Ruby Butler, 79, of Dahlgren.

Five Years Ago


Prairie State Energy Campus expects to begin generating electricity in the next few months.

Gloria Bathon was crowned Homecoming Queen during the Nashville football game Friday night. The top prize for floats went to the junior class entry.

The Nashville Hornets’ golf team advanced to the state tournament with a win at the Carlyle Sectional.

Nashville City Council turned its attention to Halloween with two agenda items at Thursday’s meetings.

Governor Pat Quinn visited Belleville to urge lawmakers to protect consumers from massive electric rate hikes.

Nashville Middle School Jr. Hornets come up just short in State Championship game.

Deaths: Herbert Gaebe, 89, of Strongsville, OH; Clinton Garbs, 88, of Okawville; Frances Thorpe, 82, of New Baden.