October And November Activities At The Nashville Public Library

October 18 at 6:30 pm we will show Hotel Transylvania with free snacks.

October 25 will be the Wine Tasting, come out and see what Karen has for us this year.

November 1 we will show the American President @ 6:30.

Thursday November 3 at 6:30pm, Ed Traylor will be here to talk about his book. Traylor’s book, “The Crossing,” has gotten recognition even before its publication, scheduled For mid-September by Oak Tree Press. The book recently won second place in the fiction book, non-published category of the Public Safety Writers Association 2015 Writing Competition.

On November 15 Scott Allen from the Citizens Utility Board will be here to explain and help with questions and problems with your utilities.

Family Reading Night is on November 17, join us for a night to get together to read and participate in fun activities.

We are hosting a Genealogy class on November 19 from 10- 12. Come out to learn about genealogy or get help if your having trouble with your search.

November 29 the Friends of the Library will offer an ornament craft night using plastic beads. Set up your pattern and then watch as they melt into an incredible ornament.

To sign up for any program call 327-3827 or email [email protected]