October 12 Classic Photo: “Behind Door #1…”

Ellen Hughes stopped in at The Nashville News office and said that she thought she might know what is happening in the Classic Photo featured on this page in the October 12 edition of The Nashville News, which depicted what looked to be a safe, with its door open, with a man standing next to it.

Hughes’ father, Stanley Garbs was a rural mail carrier in Okawville for 18 years, and said that she thought that she recognized the man in the photo as being Arthur Koetting, Jr., the Okawville postmaster. Furthermore, Hughes said that she believed she recalled an occasion when the post office was broken into, which is what she believed the photo was from.

Hughes was seeking confirmation of her recollection, as she was very young when the robbery she is remembering occurred. If there are other readers who remember this, or can give us more information, Hughes (and The Nashville News) would be interested to know.