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NashvilleNovember 2, 2016


Susan Roethemeyer

Floor Plans

Looking at floor plans always excited me.

I would see which bedroom was biggest, then imagine how I would place the furniture, and what sort of arts and crafts would fit where.

Sometimes the biggest room would be my studio, holding a big easel, drawing table, paint and brush cart, and a corner for knitting yarns.

The rest of the house would get equal attention, imagining how this or that corner or open space fit in with my love of classic furniture and collectibles.

A couple architecture courses fed that interest, but in college, I surrendered to my first love, Art, and put architecture on a back burner.

Another love, Theatre, led to a degree at another University, but not a serious architectural desire.

Still, I always enjoyed looking at houses and house plans, architectural styles and architects.

Nashville has a lot of beautiful architecture, some of it right along the streets of downtown.

There are a lot of lovely homes first built by doctors, lawyers, judges, and other prominent citizens of Nashville.

And we have a lot of what I call “Mid-West Victorian,” which is usually a one, one-and-a-half, or two-story house with a small or medium front porch, and trim that has a Victorian flair to it.

I grew up in a house like that. Only the trim was closer to a simpler, farmhouse feel.

My favorite type of home, though, is about ten rooms big with a big, simple porch fronting the house, and a big yard with lots of trees.

You can’t always find your ideal home.

Or if you do, it is sometimes out of financial reach.

But, you can always look at house plans and dream.

Dreaming is always free!