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It Happened HereNovember 2, 2016

It Happened Here

Eighty Years Ago


A 26-year-old Danville truck driver was found bound and gagged in his truck east of Nashville. He had been robbed near Farmer City of the truck’s contents, 475 cases of whiskey.

Illinois Power advertised renting a modern, table-top electric range for $2.95 per month.

Local grocery prices included a 14-pound sack of Bouquet Flour for 89 cents and one-pound package of Jell-O for 10 cents.

Deaths: Carl Cook, 54, of Nashville; and Fred Schwering, 67, of Plum Hill.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


Dr. William Smith opened a dental office in Nashville.

Willie Hoffman’s tavern west of Nashville was burglarized for the third time in the last few months. Taken were 14 quarts of whiskey and about $20 cash.

William Stieg of Nashville was struck and killed by a car on the highway in Breese.

Other deaths: Mrs. Peter Johannes, 75, of Du Bois; and Charles White of Miami, FL, a former New Minden resident.

Seventy Years Ago


Lt. (Jg) Norman Brinkman of Hoyleton was released from the Naval Reserve.

Deaths: Otto Zerse, 87, of Nashville; Louis Wiegmann, 84, of Hoyleton; Maria Hackstadt, 68, of Plum Hill; Walter Jaroszewski, 68, of Du Bois; and Louise Nottmeyer, 90, of New Minden.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


Zea Matthews closed his barber shop in Nashville.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Reidelberger were making plans to open a sandwich shop in Nashville to be known at Friday’s.

“Captain Horatio Hornblower” with Gregory Peck and Virginia Mayo was playing at the State Theatre in Nashville.

Fire did extensive damage to the family homes of Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Meinert and Clayton Ibendahl in Nashville.

Peggy Lou, the dog who served as Art Lehde’s seeing eyes for 15 years, died at the age of 16 years, five months.

Deaths: Howard Lamar, 30, of Nashville, following an auto accident; Joseph Goldman, 65, of Nashville; Redden Smith, a native of Nashville; Fred Eickmeyer, 81, of New Minden; Henry Welp, 93, a native of Hoyleton; and Christian Krueger, 86, of Hoyleton.

Sixty Years Ago


State police raided the Village Inn at Du Bois, operated by Al Jahnke, and confiscated two slot machines.

Rainfall in Washington County during October was 1.05 inches.

Seniors receiving high honors for the first semester at NCHS included Audrey Huck. Sophomores included John Cohlmeyer and Agnes Krueger. Freshmen were Karen Collmeyer and Terry Heggemeier.

Howard Fox was appointed Washington County deputy sheriff to replace Marion Cunningham, who resigned.

Red Ellerbusch’s tavern at New Minden was burglarized and a large amount of whiskey was stolen.

Deaths: Erva Hamilton, 65, of Nashville; Nancy “Nanny” Piper, 74, of Oakdale; Ruby Warren, 49, of Tokyo; and Henry Nagel of Hughesville, MO.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


Mail delivery service was started in the Kirchhoefer addition to Nashville.

Deaths: Theodore Klingenberg, 64, of Plum Hill; John Brethauer, 89; John William Rooneo, 70, retired Nashville farmer; Anna Jacobs, 73, of Okawville; G. Harland Davis, 61, former teacher at NCHS; Frank Doelling, 70, of Stone Church; Claudis Guess, 70, of Irvington; Lydia Aussieker, formerly of Hoyleton; and Edward Worthen, 39, of Rice.

Fifty Years Ago


Oliver Hale was appointed to the Nashville Grade School Board to replace Millard Lynch who resigned.

Robert Hargan accepted the position of agency manager for the Country Companies in Washington County.

Janet Kaufman took over management of the Shur-Kurl Beauty Shop in Nashville.

Attorneys P.E. Green and R.L. Cross announced the formation of a law partnership in Nashville.

The Covington Stone Co. acquired the Nashville Stone Co. quarry west of Nashville.

Henry Fonda, Joanne Woodward and Jason Robards were featured in the State Theatre movie “A Big Hand for the Little Lady.”

Deaths: Dr. Paul Schroeder, 72, a native of Hoyleton; Walter Wilke, 64, of Nashville; Michael Jankowski, 44, of Nashville; Myrtle Alexander, 83, a native of Ashley; Elisabeth Bovay, 74, of Nashville; Tom Johnson, formerly of Nashville; Henry Schlake, 87, a native of Okawville; Amanda Jane Malawy, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Malawy of Belleville; and Myrtle Sloat, 77, of Irvington.

Forty-Five Years Ago


A movement was underway in Nashville to re-establish a Girl Scout Troop.

Walter Meyer of Okawville escaped with minor injuries when a Schmale tractor-trailer loaded with 600 cases of milk overturned near Waterloo.

Fredric Beguelin of Irvington was awarded an Illinois Highway Division District 8 achievement certificate for outstanding work as an engineer supervising interstate projects.

Deaths: Walter Riechman, 74, of Okawville; Inez Martin, 71, of Ashley; Florence Cross, 68, of Memphis, TN; Zelma Brayfield, 74, a native of Beaucoup; John Roe, 88, a former Perry County Circuit Clerk; and Coburn Newcomb, 50, of Richview.

Forty Years Ago


Mary Ksycki of Du Bois, coordinator of the practical nursing program, was honored by the Rend Lake College Nursing alumni for her years of service.

The All-Mart store south of Nashville opened for business.

Deaths: Rev. Harold Hohman, 64, of Culver, IN; Wilbert Hauck, 82, of Springfield; Zelma Turner, 75, of Nashville; Henry Glauert, 84, of Mascoutah; Sandra Cashion, 30, of Chester; Dorothy Hollingshead, 66, of Nashville; Alwine Going, 82, of Addieville; Lydia Busekrus, 85, of Belleville; Charles Thuringer, 85, of Nashville; Edward Sprehe, 86, of Hoffman; and Rev. John Amsbury, 53, of Belleville.

Thirty-Five Years Ago


Charles Brink, Dennis Hoelscher and Vernon Spenner were elected to the Nashville Grade School Board of Education while Clarence DeMoss and Carl Rommelman were elected to the Nashville High School Board. All were unopposed.

Washington County’s unemployment rate was 6.9 percent.

Washington recorded 4.98 inches of rainfall in October, bringing the yearly precipitation total to above normal.

Pork steaks and spare ribs were 99 cents a pound.

Deaths: Howard Kaser, 76, of Nashville; Lydia Groennert, 87, of Nashville; Emma Temme, 79, of Okawville; Frances Albers, 91, formerly of Lively Grove; Annie Wayer, 74, of St. Louis; Hugo Sandheinrich, 75, of St. Libory; Stella Pas, 64, of Woodlawn; William Stockton, 59, a native of Ashley; Johanna Rueter, 62, of Breese; Augusta Harre, 94, of Chester; and Colette Karcher, 71, of Dahlgren.

Weddings: Barbara Liszewski and Edward Nadolski; and Angie Borowiak and Denny Giacomo.

Thirty Years Ago


Radom received a $200,000 grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs for a $1.2 million sanitary sewer project.

Charla Hausler was named Homecoming Queen at NCHS.

Ellen Krohne was named Woman of the Year by the Washington County Business and Professional Women.

Eunice Hettenhausen was appointed postmaster in Okawville.

The K-Lynn Restaurant in Nashville featured homemade beef stew on Monday.

Deaths: Rosena Martens, 96, of Petaluma, CA; Clara Box, 93, of Tuscumbia, AL; Fred Korte, 80, of Richview; Alfred Wieving, 71, of Venedy; Helen Borowiak, 74, of Du Bois; Homer Schreiber, 73, of Okawville; Ted Rusiewski, 64, of Du Bois; Clarence Randoll, 72, formerly of Addieville; Frank Sturman, 68, a native of Nashville; John Bronke Jr., 62, of Tamaroa; Martin Holle, 92, a native of Hoyleton; Angela Casey, 84, formerly of Lively Grove; Lawrence Pelczynski, 59, a native of Du Bois; Frank Varel, 66, of Bartelso; and Clarence Hixenbaugh, 86, formerly of Irvington.

Twenty-Five Years Ago


Okawville approved plans and specifications for an addition to the village hall firehouse.

Plans to open a new senior nutrition site in Oakdale were announced. It would be the fourth site in the county.

NCHS was chosen as a pilot site for the state’s new recognition process which is to focus on student learning and improvement.

State Sen. Ralph Dunn (R-Du Quoin) announced his re-election plans.

A three-inch oil pipeline belonging to Farm Bureau Oil Co. of Mt. Vernon, IN broke and spilled oil into Locust Creek.

Gary Mueller, an engineer from Nashville, received instruction from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale on how to use a global positioning system to pinpoint positions on earth.

Deaths: Edwin Harre, 90, of Nashville; Delores Cramer, 61, of Hoyleton; Bert Price, 80, of Rockford; Clara Schilling, 89, of Altenburg, MO; Arthur Bledsoe, 77, of Mt. Vernon; Harold “Bud” Miller, 76, of Centralia; Earl Pfistr Sr., 66, of Centralia; Charles Downen, 76, of Sparta; Brother Martin Buescher, SJ, 90, of St. Louis; Chancey “Chan” Williams, 79, of Woodlawn; Elizabeth Dickson, 84, of Makanda; and Linda Hoffmeister, 83, of St. Louis.

Weddings: Nancy McCarthy and Craig Sever; Rhonda Ostendorf and David Kurwicki; Judy Suchomski and Neil Limper; and Bonnie Quirin and Phillip Buescher.

Births: Todd and Michelle Ricketts of Okawville, a son; Dr. Richard and Marilyn Pinksterhaus of Nashville, a son; Robert and Carol Lohman of Venedy, a son; Paul and Sharon Hayes of Okawville, a son; and Allan and Marilyn Woodside, a daughter.

Twenty Years Ago


A new $6.8 million water plant began meeting the needs of Nashville residents.

Maschhoff Pork Farms began construction of a large hog finishing operation outside of New Minden.

Old Ben Mine No. 26 near Sesser and Spartan Mine near Sparta announced plans to close because the high sulfur coal mined there did not meet Clear Air Act standards.

High winds damaged several buildings around Hoyleton.

Fire damaged the John Birchett home, south of Nashville.

The county’s unemployment rate of 5.6 percent was higher than the state average of 4.9.

Deaths: Ruby Jankowski, 79, of Radom; Charles Cohlmeyer, 78, of Richview; John Pinski, 81, of Nashville; Beauford Adams, 69, of Ashley; Lawrence Arning, 87, of Centralia; Keith Mason, 34, of Tamaroa; Roy Lemkemeier, 69, of Addieville; Paul Poggemoeller, 83, of Hoyleton; George Thompson, 84, of Richview; Clarence Henry, 89, of Vandalia.

Weddings: Karri Stadge and Joshua Greten; Vickie Meyer and Matthew Wellen.

Fifteen Years Ago


Knapp Oil Co. of Xenia opened a new Citgo station on the city’s north side.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Garlich receiving zoning approval to serve luncheon buffets at the Mill Creek Inn.

Bill Gay of Richview was awarded the Studs Terkel Humanities Service Award.

Washington County’s unemployment rate of 3.0 percent was the 8th lowest of 102 counties in Illinois.

Nashville police officer Charles Davis was seriously injured when a motorist ran into him while he was directing traffic at an accident scene.

Local grocery prices included hot dogs, bologna and turkey breasts for 99 cents a pound.

Deaths: Annabelle Williams, 75, of Nashville; Lela Scanlan, 94, of Nashville; Anthony Hagene, 26, of Sparta; Robert Smith, 76, of Mesa, AZ; Marjorie Kane, 79, of Centralia; Edna Schneider, 93, of St. Libory; Ruby Sloat, 103, of Hoyleton; Hubert Heberer, 84, of Okawville.

Wedding: Rebecca Bovier and Richard Briggs.

Births: Neil and Tracy Hamon of Nashville, a daughter; Brett and Kim Schroeder of Mokena, a daughter; Stacey Hoffman and Jeffrey C. Waddell Sr., a daughter; Gary and Darla Toensing of Okawville, a daughter; William and Gina Lawless of Pinckneyville, a son; Stacy and Allen Wright of Nashville, a daughter.

Ten Years Ago


NCHS cross country team, coached by John Krieger, qualified for the state tournament.

Koch Insurance Agency purchased the Lehde-Brink Agency.

Lindsay Weathers was crowned McKendree College Homecoming Queen.

A Beardstown man found dead next to his vehicle on an isolated trail in Covington Township had been missing for months. No foul play was indicated.

Birth: Greg and Ellen Robinson of Cape Girardeau, a daughter.

Deaths: Fern Stieg, 72, of Nashville; Mabel Chwasczinski, 87, of Nashville; Louise Lewinski, 88, of LaPorte, IN; Donald Loos, 74, of Oakdale; Roy Hearn, 97, of Little Rock, AR; Jean Peterson, 72, of Okawville; Beatrice “Betty” Shubert, 90, of Okawville; Henry Diedrich, 78, of Nashville; Marcella Kehoe, 87, of Belleville; Clarence Schuetz, 90, of Okawville.

Five Years Ago


The Chamber of Commerce’s Moonlight Madness event was to feature a scavenger hunt as part of the festivities.

The Washington County Coalition to Keep Our Community Safe hosted a forum where Police Chief Brian Fletcher was to speak about the dangers of “incense” and other synthetic drugs.

A group called “Whitey’s Angels” was preparing 2,000 stockings to send to American service men and women.

Washington County Hospital announced that they would receive around $1-million from a construction grant and a reimbursement.

Cecile and Dan Kruse sold The Flower Shop Hallmark to new owners after 35 years.

Births: Blanchard Defend was born on October 4 to Rick and Ann Defend of Findlay, Ohio; Harper Jones was born on October 20, to Zach and Kayla Jones of Ashburn, Va.

Engagements and Weddings: Jessica Sturman and Tyler Schwartz announced plans for a Nov. 12 wedding; Kristina Blair and Adam Unverfehrt of Hoyleton announced plans for a Nov. 26 wedding; Jacquelyn Schubert and Devin Grimes announced plans for a November wedding; Ryan Kees and Jaymee Rulevish were wed on May 21; Lindsay Weathers and Jordan Fark were wed on Sept. 10.

Deaths: Joseph Conder, 83, of Hoyleton, formerly of Richmond, Ind., Oct. 27; Catherine Kahrhoff, 76, of Okawville, Nov. 1; Norma Sachteleben, 89, of Nashville, formerly of Plum Hill; Lucille Penland, 68, of Brady, Texas, Oct. 27; Reinholdt Sprehe, 82, of New Minden, Oct. 25; Victor Kaufman, Jr., 41, of Sheridan, Ark., formerly of Nashville, Oct. 25; Floyd Wreath, 69, of Ashley, Oct. 26