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It Happened Here – November 9, 2016

It Happened Here

Eighty Years Ago


County Republicans registered a landslide victory in the general election. Ralph L. Maxwell defeated incumbent Joseph D. Maxwell for State’s Attorney; Elmo Hassebrock defeated Paul Dahlke for Circuit Clerk; and G.A. Green defeated R.C. Vernor for Coroner. Nationally, Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt won an impressive victory, carrying 46 of 48 states.

Cast members for the Nashville High School junior class play were: Velva Zetzsche, Charles Smith; Olivia Hake, Paul Reeder, Robert Parks, Virginia Driskill, Kathleen Friend, George Ahlf, Sidney Finke and Betty Blair Clarkson.

Fire of unknown origin destroyed $25,000 worth of property in Ashley. It began in a house owned by Walter Waier north of the Illinois Central railroad tracks. Also destroyed was the Ashley Ford dealership owned by Charles Banks.

Du Bois area residents were notified that Illinois Power and Light Company would erect a line to supply electricity to the village within the next few months.

Instant Postum was 25 cents for a four-ounce cup and a tin of table size Log Cabin syrup was 23 cents at Washco Stores.

Deaths: Edwin Sinn, 39, a native of Washington County; Samuel Telford of St. Louis; Mrs. R.J. Franck of Nashville; Thomas Stevenson, 78, of Centralia; and Alfrieda Biefelt, formerly of Plum Hill.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


The Beaucoup residences of Rev. Herman Talbert and Tony Krzyzanowski were burglarized. Rev. Talbert and his wife surprised the thief and at the point of a gun, they were robbed of $9. The Krzyzanowski house was robbed of six quarts of fruit and five bottles of wine.

Harold Hartley was re-elected president of the Washington County Farm Bureau. Elected to the board of directors were Jul Going, Carl Karg, L.M. Stephens, Phillip Heggemeier, Elmer Groennert, Charles Hogshead, William Groennert, E.W. Poirot, Fred C. Gaebe, William C. Fark and A. Backs.

The yearly total rainfall was 31.72 inches. It had rained 18 days in the last month.

Theodore Finke suffered a broken leg when his team ran away and threw him off a grader.

R.R. Snyder was appointed Nashville Township Clerk to fill the unexpired term of Leslie Paul.

Frank Pitchford purchased the Merchants Hotel from G.H. Beckmeyer.

Deaths: Frank McCabe, 64, of Irvington; William Stieg, 67, of Nashville; Mrs. Engel Schrieber of Addieville; Henry Luessenheide of Johannisburg; Annie Jean Edwards, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orland Edwards of Beaucoup; Marie Koch, 71, of Venedy; and Benjamin Boecklen, 51, of Venedy.

Seventy Years Ago


Republicans easily won county government races in the general elections. Paul Johnson was victorious for county clerk; Theodore Lehde won the sheriff’s race; and Arnold Marquard was elected treasurer. Kenneth Frieman was re-elected superintendent of schools and Wilbert Hohlt was elected state’s attorney. Judge A.P. Green was also returned to office.

Deaths: O.K. Allen, 67, of Ashley; William Barnett, father of Mrs. Edward Schuricht of Nashville; Herman Frederick Eggemann, 67, of Okawville; Fred Marlin, formerly of Nashville; and Antone Stern, 62, of Washington County.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


Rita Rynski was crowned Queen of the Ashley High School Halloween carnival.

Beckmeyer’s advertised men’s top coats from $22.95.

Local grocery prices included two cans of hominy for 23 cents and a 16-ounce can of pork and beans for 8 cents.

Sylvester Green, 71, of Ashley, was killed by an L and N passenger train in Ashley.

Other deaths: Mrs. August Schultz, 73, of Nashville; Albert Gilter, 63, a native of Plum Hill Township; Anna Klostermann of Okawville; David Tucker, 82, of Ashley; Rev. John B. Henken, 81, former priest in Okawville; and Jess Wilson, 87, of Tamaroa.

Sixty Years Ago


Republicans were again big victors in Washington County elections. Dr. C.W. Longwell was re-elected coroner and Elmo Hassebrock was re-elected circuit clerk.

Neighbors and friends of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jezewiak of Ashley gathered to pick corn on account of the illness of Mr. Jezewiak.

Johnnie Schubert bought Kitowski’s Tavern.

Earl LeRoy Jolliff, 18, of Irvington was killed in a one-car accident.

Other deaths: Emma Meyer, 84; and Mrs. H.A. Caraway, 63, of Eldorado.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


The Covington Quarry re-opened for business. It had been started as a WPA project in the 1930’s.

Tamaroa got a new dial telephone system.

A Department of Commerce survey showed there were 22 businesses in Washington County for every 1,000 residents, above the national average.

Deaths: John Schroeder, 80, of Hoyleton; Augusta Shadle, 90, of Du Bois; Conrad Reitz, 65, formerly of Marissa; Rose Longwell, 91, of Lorain, OH; Kittie Buell of Nashville; Claude Coulter, 66, formerly of Ashley; Mary Brown, 63, of Independence, MO; Edward Worthen, 39, of Rice; and Mary Ellen Boswell, 79, of Ashley.

Fifty Years Ago


Attorney Francis Maxwell was the lone Democratic victor in county-wide election races, defeating Madalyn Maxwell for associate circuit judge. Republican victors included Sheriff Virgil May, who was elected county clerk; Rose Habbe for treasurer; and Kenneth Frieman, who was elected county superintendent of schools.

Nashville High School District 99 dedicated its new building addition.

Holiday dresses were advertised for $8.99 at Diedrich’s Department Store in Nashville.

Grocery prices included: five 16-ounce loaves of bread for $1.00 and six cans of pork and beans fro 89 cents.

Deaths: Lydia Brinkmann, 79, of New Minden; Olinda Muelken, 80, of Venedy; Sophia Frank, 85, of Okawville; Walter Hagebusch, 65, of Okawville; and Jerry Witt, 19, of Mt. Vernon, killed in Vietnam.

Forty-Five Years Ago


St. John’s Lutheran congregation in New Minden celebrated its 125th anniversary.

Rainfall during October was recorded at 2.53 inches, bringing the county’s total to almost six inches below normal for the year.

Vandalism marred the Halloween week as damaged was noted to the Richview Grade School and numerous residences in Okawville, Lively Grove, Venedy and Oakdale townships.

Monroe Marquard reported a dog was killed by a shot from a passing car and fire destroyed 200 bushels of shelled corn and 2,500 bales of hay on the Emil Pannier farm. Hay stacks were also burned at the Walter Borrenpohl and Arthur Shubert farms.

Deaths: Hulda Hale, 78, of Covington; Edna Koester, 70, of Nashville; Ezra Hutchings, 90, of Pinckneyville; Courtney Bradford William Moeller, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Moeller of Nashville; Louisa Carr, 89, a native of Washington County; Arthur Doelling, 75, of Stone Church; Edward Waier, 57, of Ashley; Frank Chlebowski, 71, of Ashley; Floyd May, 41, of Belleville; James Patton, 83, of Tilden; and Mrs. Arthur Oexemann, 80, a native of New Minden.

Forty Years Ago


Kate May, Gretta Dintleman, Ruth Whyte and Helen Krause were presented with 50-year gold pins by the Royal Neighbors Camp 706 of Nashville.

Kenneth Wiese was promoted to the rank of sergeant in the Marine Corps.

IGA advertised golden ripe bananas for 13 cents a pound.

Deaths: Elwood Peithman, 56, of Blue Lake, CA; Amelia Mangenalker, 89, formerly of Okawville; Dionysia Grabowski, 94, of Du Bois; Gladys Mangis, 75, of Oakdale; Arthur Fiesler Jr., 28, of Charleston, SC; Mary Boswell, 50, of Mt. Vernon; Gerald Miller, 70, of Pinckneyville; Tony Witzel, 78, of Irvington; and Emil Chocolousek, 62, of St. Louis.

Thirty-Five Years Ago


Elected officials’ salaries in Washington County were increased to $16,500 annually by the County Board.

The recent school board election cost Washington County $14,364.97, or about $17 per vote cast. Only 832 of the county’s 9,742 registered voters cast ballots.

Fresh ground beef was 99 cents a pound and baking hens were 49 cents a pound.

Deaths: Louis Heidenreich, 51, of St. Louis; Elizabeth McCoy, 64, of Richview; Mrs. Merle Poole, 79, of Ashley; Wilbur “Guy” Haun, 88, of Richview; Marie Winkelman, 84, of Nashville; Effie Nowak, 95, formerly of Nashville; and Freida Lehr, 82, of Marissa.

Weddings: Penny Schmale and Doug Brinkman; and Kelly Shelton and Rodney Borowiak.

Thirty Years Ago


Independent Bryan McGee defeated Republican Thomas Hale for Washington County Sheriff in general election. Other winners were Democrat incumbent Treasurer William Windler and Republican incumbent County Clerk Virgil May. Republican Lloyd A. Karmeier was elected to Circuit Judge and Democrat Larry C. Wolfe was re-elected Regional Superintendent of Schools.

October rainfall totaled 5.12 inches in Washington County, almost double the average of 2.49 inches.

Extra large eggs were 59 cents a dozen.

Deaths: Roy Pitchford, 83, of Ashley; Dave Meyer, 77, of Marissa; Mary Ann Thole, 96, of Nashville; Lulu Hoelscher, 80, of Addieville; Ella Driver, 93, of Belleville; and Rosena Martens, 96, a native of Okawville Township.

Weddings: Connie Konkel and Gary Moeller; Linda Sue Davis and Gary Lynn Schorfheide; and Kimberly Ann Dolen and Dan McCloud.

Twenty-Five Years Ago


Voters in the Nashville Community Consolidated Grade School District 49 approved a 15 cents per $100 assessed valuation increase in the education fund by a vote of 508 to 485.

Noel Brammeier was presented with a Citizen of the Year proclamation by Oakdale Village president Cecil Alfeldt during the Open House for the new Village Hall.

Jane Buss, 24, of Oakdale was killed and a passenger, Ruth Roethlisberger, was critically injured in a two-vehicle accident on Albers Road in Clinton County.

Other deaths: Hazel F. Giles, 99, of Oakdale; Cecelia D. Rozanski, 94, of Radom; Albert C. Rudert, 80, of Shelbyville; Michael Kitowski, 34, of St. Louis; Lydia Christina H. Ohlemyer, 97, of Maroa; Stephen C. Varnum, 35, of Woodstock; Acta O. Short, 91, of Ashley; Helene Meier, 95, of Belleville; Marjorie Stambaugh, 44, of Venedy; Emma C. Vogel, 87, of Carlyle; and Calvin Dahncke, 88, of Effingham.

Weddings: Linda Gay Nelson and Arthur Ray Grayson; and Jennifer Vaaler and Kevin Bochantin.

Births: Alan and Jill Hohlt of Nashville, a son; Jeff and Rose Ceglinski of Ashley, a son; Ricky and Donna Jankowski of Damiansville, a daughter; Larry and Sharon Powell of Mt. Vernon, a daughter.

Twenty Years Ago


Cheryl Zapp was appointed the first executive director of Nashville Chamber of Commerce.

Republican Carol Heggemeier won the race for circuit clerk, and Democrat Dennis Hatch and Republican Dr. Thomas Coy were re-elected state’s attorney and coroner, respectively.

The police department’s DARE program was using a 1959 Ford Fairlane that had been restored at Meier’s Chevrolet as a squad care.

A display by David, Barb and Blaine Barker won first prize in the Historical Society Scarecrow Contest.

A radiator flush and new antifreeze was $24.95 at Clark’s Automotive Repair Service.

Deaths: Williard Niermann, 69, of Nashville; Nellie Szczeblewski, 59, of Valley Park; Elizabeth Knox, 98, of Woodlawn; and Leota Arment, 97, of Richview.

Births: Thomas and Donna Ferguson of Tamaroa, a son; Guy and Shawn Witt of Charleston, SC, a daughter; and John and Reba Willis of Greensboro, NC, a daughter.

Fifteen Years Ago


Washington County became part of the newly configured 115th District, represented by State Rep. Mike Bost.

Naturally Green Landscaping replaced 45 shrubs in downtown Nashville.

Rainfall for the year stood at 29.64 inches, about three inches below normal.

Trinity-St. John School volleyball team won the Lutheran state tournament in Rockford, ending a perfect 36-0 season.

Grocery prices included apples for 68 cents a pound and turkey breasts for 99 cents a pound.

Deaths: Clara Pero, 88, of Nashville; Hallene Felts, 90, of Du Bois; Mildred Joiner, 93, of League City, TX; Trula Hutchings, 93, of Steelville, MO; Sister Mary Kowal, 89; Anna Huck, 102, of Rockford; Elsie Miller, 62, of Tamaroa.

Wedding: Michael Gross and Rebecca Malone.

Births: John and Kim Wieter of Albers, a daughter; Jacelyn Gray and Samuel Lamczyk, a son; Frederick and Teresa Aydt of Nashville, a daughter.

Ten Years Ago


In election results, Ronda Groennert defeated Ken Kania for county treasurer, and Charles Parker out-polled write in candidate Harry Berger for sheriff. The bond issue to build a new fire station failed 1,547 to 854.

Sandy Kolweier of Nashville and Clara Hampson of Canada had a 50-year pen pal relationship that started in elementary school.

Pork tenderloin was $2.99 a pound and eggs were 88 cents a dozen.

Births: Joe and Angie Stambaugh of Nashville, a daughter; Todd and Trine Volz of Maryville, a son; Mike and Pam Brown, a daughter; Michael and Angela Klein of Mascoutah, a daughter; and Tiffany Kurwicki, a son.

Deaths: Gerald Jones, 75, of Nashville; Kenneth Glenn, 66, of Centralia; and Raymond Hassebrock, 84, of Okawville.

Wedding: Melanie Muir Alfeldt and Timothy Spenner.

Five Years Ago


Captain Mark Williams of Okawville received A+ certification after taking a class at Baghdad Signal University in Iraq.

Connie Frazier, attorney for Bryan Maxwell, made a motion to suppress statements he made to police following a ruling by Judge Richard Aguirre that his arrest was illegal.

The Nashville Community Center received a $9,990 grant from Monsanto for the Fitness, Fun and Food Summer Program.

Nashville Police Chief Brian Fletcher warned residents that scams were being reported in the area which preyed on the elderly via phone calls and emails.

Birth: Sawyer Niedbalski was born on October 18 to Eric and Amanda Niedbalski of Belleville.

Shelby Czerwonka and Alexandria Taylor announced plans to wed on November 11; Daniel and LaVerne Zgonina of Radom celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on November 25.

Deaths: Rita Liszewski, 72, of DuBois, November 2; Bruce Maddaleno, 57, of Okawville, November 1; Myrtle Davis, 95, of Oakdale, November 5; Charles Kaufman, 81, of Nashville, November 3; Arnold Marquard, 69, of Belleville, November 2; Catherine Kahrhoff, 76, of Okawville, November 1; Larry Grigsby, 60, of Okawville, November 1; Donald McCowen, 74, of Waltonville, November 4.