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November 2 Classic Photo: Taking Delivery

Last week’s Classic Photo showed four men in front of a truck that said “Hoyleton Fire Department” or very likely said that, it wasn’t all visible. Two of the men seemed to be receiving air masks from two other men. The two men on the left, likely the representatives of the Hoyleton Fire Department, are still unidentified. The two on the right however, were identified by none other than Marty Kemper (see ABOVE), who recognized them as Department of Natural Resources employees, John Hicks, out of Carlyle, and Steve Springer, out of Sparta. Kemper stated that the two were likely giving the masks, Forestry Department surplus, to the fire department as part of a program to pass unneeded government equipment to local agencies that could use it. The photo is at least 28 years old (and likely older), because that’s how long Kemper said that it’s been since Hicks has worked in Carlyle. The Nashville News would still be happy to know the other two individuals names, if anyone recognizes them.