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Selfies – WTH?Nashville – November 9, 2016


Susan Roethemeyer

Selfies – WTH?

Selfie? What the heck is a “Selfie”?

Those of us who did not grow up with a personal phone are new to the idea of pulling out a phone and taking a picture of yourself doing just any little thing.

We are still trying to get used to the idea of getting a phone call from someone where ever we go, even in that room where we go.

We go to the lake to fish.

There is that phone call.

We hike in a meadow to relax.

Rinnng! “Where are you?”

We camp in a woods to get away from it all.

Ring! “What estimate did you give for the Rhyburger account? We can’t find the file.”

Now these personal cellular phones take pictures!

I used to use a real camera to capture my memories.

I would load film into a camera, being careful not to expose the film to light.

The camera would capture what I shot at, using whatever filter or light level I decided to use to get the effect I wanted.

Now these phones do all that without all that heavy equipment.

And they don’t need to wait for the film to develop or the photos to dry.

No filmstrips hanging in the darkroom, no swishing the photo paper in the developing tray to get a photo.

Maybe these new phones are all right after all.