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Where Animals Make Their HomesClassic Photo – November 9, 2016

classic photo 11-9 C.jpg

Where Animals Make Their Homes

This week’s Classic Photo is of Marty Kemper teaching kids about habitats. We saw his name on the back of the photo, asked if he could tell us more about it (because the assumption was that he was the photographer, because he is a photographer), and he stated that it was him. However, Kemper did not recall the exact circumstances of the photo, saying that it wasn’t one of the regular kids conservation days that he participated in (the poster shown was not his normal visual aid), and it likely wasn’t at the Washington County State Conservation Area either. It could have been Boy Scout related, but again, we are not sure. So if you recognize any of the other people in this photo, or if you know what event it was taken at, please get in touch with us and let us know.