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FFA Section 22 Job Interview, Quiz Bowl, And Reporters Session Held In Red Bud

By Mallory Unverfehrt, Section 22 FFA Reporter

The questions were ready, the interviewees prepared, and the Reporters were set for Section 22 Job Interview CDE (Career Development Event), Greenhand Quiz Bowl CDE, and Reporters Session held October 26 at Red Bud High School.

The resumes and cover letters were sent in before the competition hosted the interviews. The resumes were worth 150 points and the cover letters were worth 100 points. Members then went into a 15 minute interview for an agricultural job of their choice worth 200 points. After the interview members had 20 minutes to compose a follow up letter worth another 100 points. Points are then added together for a total score.

Individually Nikki Hall of the Marissa FFA Chapter won the varsity competition with 533 points she was followed by Tyler of Columbia 515.3, Bailey of New Athens 506.3, Taylor of Freeburg 502.3, Cassidy of New Athens 502.3, Mallory of Okawville 494.3, Frederick of Red Bud 467.3, Ashley of Waterloo 460, Josh of Waterloo 455.67, and Megan of Freeburg 156.

In the junior varsity competition Rachel Hall of Marissa won with 501.67 points. She was followed by Faith of New Athens 494.3, Trinity of New Athens 475.67, Alyssa of Mascoutah 457.67, Austin of Marissa 443.3, Amanda of Columbia 433.3, Hannah of Freeburg 421, Doran of Mascoutah 412.67, Lindsey Stevens of Steelville 383.3, Charlie Dake of Waterloo 325.3, and Lindsey Averbeck of Okawville (only entered in the cover letter and resume) 168.  

While Interviews were taking place rounds of greenhand quiz bowl games were also happening. Teams are composed of five Greenhands (first year members). The game starts with each member receiving a toss-up question. After that there are 15 toss up questions up for grabs to any member who buzzes in first with the correct answer. The games are set up tournament style with two game elimination.

Occurring at the same time as interviews and quiz bowl matches was the 2016 Reporter Session hosted by the Section 22 FFA Reporter Mallory Unverfehrt of the Okawville FFA Chapter. Chapter Reporters, Greenhand Reporters, and any member wanting to learn more about reporting were invited to attend. The session included photography rules, article format, press release format, newsletter theme, and ways to develop the best chapter newsletter possible.