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Happy Halloween In Hoyleton

Ages 3 to 5 C.jpg
Hoyleton Halloween 2 & Under C.jpg

Here are the winners from the Hoyleton Lions Club Halloween Costume Contest, held on Friday, October 28 at the Hoyleton Community Club. Over 90 Costumes entered, and the club recognized the Top five in each age Class.

Hoyleton Halloween Ages 11 & 12 C.jpg

Age 2 and Under: Adley Green, Crew Schoenberg, Mary and Lucy Klie, Cruz Eickmeyer, and Caleb Miessner.

Hoyleton Halloween Ages 6 to 8 C.jpg

Ages 3 to 5: Tyler Lillienkamp, Rueger Green, Kellan Huge, Solden Friederick, and Cooper Schoenberg.

Hoyleton Halloween Ages 9 & 10 C.jpg

Ages 6 to 8: Levi Austin, Aydia Green, Carmi Wilson, Kenlee Schoenberg, and Emery Schoenberg.

Ages 13 & Up C.jpg

Ages 9 and 10: Parker Schoenberg, Chloe Maschhoff, Therese Herrmann, Shelby Thorson, and Thomas Taylor.

Ages 11 and 12: Zachery Kasten, Lexi Pedley, Dominick Gipson, Isabel Lister, Abigail Ferrell.

Ages 13 and Up: Pat Rensing and Linda Miessner, Paula Warden, Greg Zalos, Suzanne Simon, Athena Auksel.