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Letter: Work Goes On With No Help From County Treasurer

Work Goes On With No Help From County Treasurer

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to address the current situation with the Washington County Treasurer Kelly Cameron. It is my understanding that she has not been in her office for 9 weeks because she is sick but nobody knows what is wrong with her including her office staff who doesn’t know if and when she will be back.

The real sad part of this situation that I would like to address in this letter is that she herself has not had any contact with her office, verbal or in person in those 9 weeks. Her husband has talked to the office a few times but not herself and he evidently has done most of the talking to the county board. The County did not elect her husband, Robert, as the County Treasurer, they elected her.

I have been told by several people that she has been seen around town talking to people out in the public and if she can do this than I would think she could call or stop by her office to see what is going on in the office. When a person takes the oath to be an elected official, you are then responsible for the office you are elected to. To not care what is going on in your office, especially during tax time when you are responsible for collecting over 22 million dollars of taxes and for being responsible for all the other finances of the County, is being very irresponsible and neglecting the duties as a County Treasurer.

The County Treasurer’s office staff, without any additional compensation, had to get the tax bills ready to send out, have collected over 10 million dollars and made two tax distributions to the taxing districts over the past 9 weeks along with all the finance work in the office without her even calling once to see how things were going in her office. Over this same time period she has probably earned $9,000.00 and could not afford to call or check in with her office. There is more than being a County Treasurer than getting a paycheck, it is called responsibility. I worked for the County for 40 years and I did not know of any other elected official that was more irresponsible than that. She has been very costly to the County even before she was sick.

The County had to pay the auditors over $20,000.00 more this year because she was not doing her job efficiently. There is also the cost for extra County Board Committee meetings they have had during this year to address this situation and now the Treasurer’s Office has had to hire more extra help than usual. This is all an extra cost to the County and taxpayers like you and me. There is also the cost of the stress that has been put on the Treasurer’s Office and the County Board during this year that no monetary amount can be put on.

If she can not fulfill her duties and be a responsible office holder by at least talking to her office once in a 9 week period, than it may be time for her to resign and be replaced by another person who will care about the office and who will be a responsible office holder and not neglect their duties as a County Treasurer.

Ronda Groennert

Taxpayer and Past County Treasurer