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Lunch With A Hero

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St. Ann School held their second annual “Lunch With a Hero” in observance of Veterans Day on Thursday, November 10. BOTTOM LEFT, U.S. Marine Corps veteran Tony Antoine, brother of St. Ann School Principal Pierre N. Antoine and the uncle of student Olivia Antoine, speaks to 5th-8th grade students, and served during Desert Storm and Operation Restore Hope. ABOVE, Mark Garrison and Bob Love, both of whome served in the army in Vietnam, eat with sixth and seventh graders. Garrison’s granddaughter is Adeline Epplin, while Love’s is Talanie Kozuszek. BELOW LEFT, U.S. Army Veterans Lee Roy Borowiak, Korean War, and Lee Clayton, WWII, enjoyed lunch with PreK and first grade students. BELOW RIGHT, Garrison tells students about how helicopters fly. Garrison flew Huey gunships in Vietnam and is the author of “Guts and Gunships”. BOTTOM, U.S. Navy Veteran Shawn Hiller and U.S. Army and Air Force Reserve Veteran Delmar Gumm eat with second and fourth grade students, including Hiller’s grandson, Riley Prochaska (his other grandson, Lane Prochaska would join them a little later.).

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