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Venedy – November 16, 2016


Ora Mae Droege 824-6326

St. Salvator Lutheran Church, Venedy. Rev. Art Eichhorn, Pastor. 9:00 am Sunday School. 10:00 am Sunday Morning Worship Service; Malachi 3: 13 – 18; Colossians 1: 13 – 20; Luke 23: 27 – 43.

St. Johns United Church of Christ, Johannisburg. Rev. Bill Groennert, Pastor. 8:30 am Sunday Morning Worship Services. Please remember our mission project for November and December is New Athens Home.

St John’s United Church of Christ, Johannisburg welcomed Rev Shana Johnson, Illinois South Conference Minister, to their Service of Worship Sunday. Rev. Johnson delivered the Sermon “Building on a Solid Foundation”.

“Prayer Trumps Panic, every time”

Vernon Paul Segelhorst, 51, passed away Monday, November 7th. Friends paid their respects at the Campagna Funeral Home in Okawville Friday evening. Funeral Services were held Saturday morning at St. Salvator Lutheran Church in Venedy with burial in the Church Cemetery.

Howard and Cindy McHenry of Columbia, MO, arrived here Thursday to visit family. They returned home on Sunday.

The Bible Class held at the Original Springs on Wednesday mornings will NOT be held Wednesday, November 23rd.

If you throw a pumpkin in the air, what comes down? Squash!

Girl’s Day Out occurred on Wednesday for Rosemary Koenigstein, Sandy Epplin and Ora Mae Droege, a day after the election. With all the buzz, we, along with Stanley, were glued to the TV for speeches from Trump, Clinton etc., before heading for Rachel’s Garden for lunch. Some productive shopping was done before returning home.

In Celebration of the 60th Wedding Anniversary of Ed and Laura Paszkiewicz, the following gathered at Buretta’s Saturday evening: Ed and Laura Paszkiewicz, Margie and Mike Sgro, Paula and Dennis Sherman, Stephanie Fahrner and Gary Collins, Veronica Liszewski, Gina and Steve Droege, Tim and Heather Sherman, Sara and Josh Brandon, CeCe and Theodore, Patrick Fahrner and Caitie DuMontier, Melissa Norman, Nathan Liszewski and Jenny Carroll, David Droege, Stanley and Ora Mae Droege, Glen and Diane Bowers and Martha Baker.

The greatest gift we give to someone who loves us is simply to be happy.

Bizarre and Unique Holidays:

November: National Sleep Comfort Month

November 16: Button Day

November 17: World Peace Day

November 18: Occult Day

November 19: National Adoption Day

November 20: Beautiful Day

November 21: World Hello Day

November 22: Go For a Ride Day

How to absolutely Love the Holidays. The following suggestions are ways to get you through the Holidays and fall in love with them.

Volunteer: Nothing will make you happier than having a part in putting a smile on someone’s face or helping lift someone’s burden.

Smile: This is something you can share with others that is absolutely free to give away. You never know, your smile just might brighten someone else’s day.

Shop Early: Plan to go shopping early before the crowd hits the stores, also stay within your budget to avoid financial stress.

Time Well Spent: Spend time with those you love. Schedule some down time relaxing and enjoying the company of your friends.

Did you Thank a Veteran Friday on Veteran’s Day? It meed not be done just on Veteran’s Day, that is something we can do all year long. Thank You Veterans

Be Happy. It’s one way of being wise.