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It Happened Here – November 23, 2016

It Happened Here

Eighty Years Ago


Approval was given by the WPA for nine miles of farm-to-market road improvements in Hoyleton Township. Cost was estimated at $14,761,45.

Local grocery prices had one pound of Crisco for 23 cents and two packages of Wheaties for 25 cents.

Deaths: Emma Luehrman, 60, former teacher in Nashville; Tine McClurken of Pinckneyville; H.H. Harkness, 87, of Richview; and William Stremming, 75, of St. Louis.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


Ben Wreath pled guilty of arson and was sentenced to three years in the state prison at Menard. Wreath had been charged with setting fire to the Harry Frieman barn.

An attempted robbery at the Ed Frederking farm near Frogtown was foiled by the arrival home from school of a 10-year-old girl. The masked gunman fled without any loot.

Approximately 70 students were on hand for the first hot lunch programs at the schools in Nashville. The charge was 15 cents for high school students and 10 cents for grade school students.

Mary Green, an eighth grade student at Ashley, won the county spelling contest.

Edwin Jansen, 14, of St. Libory was crushed to death in a dump truck accident.

Other deaths: Henry Ohlemeyer, 69, of St. Charles, MO, a native of Hahlen; Louis Bertrand, 66, of Du Bois; and Bernadine Wisniewski, four, of Posen.

Seventy Years Ago


Farmers and Merchants Bank in Nashville installed a Recordak machine to take pictures of all checks which passed through its facility. The machine was the first of its kind in the county.

Fire damaged the new home of Jerry Rice in Nashville. An overheated furnace was blamed.

Harry Meunter was appointed Washington County Chairman of the Infantile Paralysis Foundation. He succeeded O.K. Allen.

Deaths: Sadie Teel, formerly of Nashville; Thomas Gorman, 97, of Nashville; and Fred Rueter, 68, of New Minden.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


A pair of hose at Back’s Department Store cost $1.39.

Local grocery prices included eight ounces of marinated herring for 27 cents a pound of Brussels sprouts for 29 cents.

Deaths: Herman Ellerbusch, 73, of New Minden; Emma Weihe, 63, of Detroit, a native of New Minden; Alonzo Jackson of Richview; and Maude Russell, 59, of Centralia.

Sixty Years Ago


The State Theatre in Nashville was showing “Rock Around the Clock” with Bill Haley.

Western Auto Stores advertised Truetone portable record players for $17.95.

Deaths: Veronica Szymanski, 88, of Bolo Township; Mark Finke, 85, of Plum Hill; Jimmy Konkel, four , of DuBois; Debra Ann Mozelewski, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mozelewski of O’Fallon; Alice Neuhaus, 11, of Hoyleton; Frank Poiter, 80, of Pinckneyville; Frank Vollmer, 79, of Okawville; and Emma Boester of Covington.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


The Okaw Commercial Telephone Co. was sold to Continental Telephone Co.

C.E. Williamson Manufacturing Co. announced it would move its stave mill operation from Nashville to Metropolis.

Walter Wisniewski of DuBois was invested as a novice Benedictine Brother in St. Meinrad, IN.

Angie Dickenson was the star of the movie at the Main Theatre in Okawville, “The Sins of Rachel Cade.”

Deaths: Charles Rinne, 85, of New Minden; James Lamar, 33, of Nashville; August Hackstadt, 74, of Plum Hill; John Biefeldt, 83, a native of Nashville; and Catherine Smith, formerly of Nashville.

Fifty Years Ago


Nashville City Council authorized a study on a $1.5 million water supply and recreation lake in Beaucoup Township.

Washington County hunters bagged 11 deer during the first weekend of the annual hunting season, below the average.

Betty Haake was named the recipient of the DAR Good Citizenship Award by the senior class and faculty at NCHS.

Reuter’s Variety Store was holding a quitting business sale.

Deaths: Wilbur Garbe, 47, of Nashville; Frances Pedtke, 77, of Radom; Kate Edwards, 86, formerly of Oakdale; August Joellenbeck, 82, of Okawville; Cecilia Kuberski, 50, of DuBois; Frank Snyder, 61, of St. Louis; Phoebe Magerkurth, 81, of Pinckneyville; Cecil Krietemeyer, 66, a native of Richview; and Marguerite Stephens, 76, of Tamaroa.

Forty-Five Years Ago


Thirty-nine candidates were on the ballot for the February primary election for the Washington County Board.

Reinkensmeyer’s Store in Hoyleton advertised capons for 73 cents a pound and turkeys for 39 cents a pound.

Deaths: Joseph Holloway, 79, of Irvington; Clara Kruse, 77, of Okawville; Joe Willoughby, 70, formerly of Oakdale; Helen Beckmeyer, 55, a native of Centralia; Raymond Zots, 54, of Belleville; and Rose Johnson of Mt. Vernon.

Forty Years Ago


Bethel United Methodist Church in Hoyleton celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Rev. John Myers, pastor of Olive Branch Lutheran Church of Okawville, became the editor of “Contact,” a Lutheran Church periodical.

Carrie Luke of Nashville observed her 100th birthday at Friendship Manor Nursing Home.

Deaths: Mrs. Arvie Decker, 70; Martin Schindelar, 66, of Ashley; Fred Hackstadt, 93, of Okawville; Henry Wienstroer, 89, of Lively Grove; Rosalie Piechota, 86, formerly of Nashville; Margaret Witt, 61, of Nashville; Cornelia Vartrease, 51, of Harrisburg; Frances Jablonski, 75, of Aliceville, MO; Guy Bayless, 78; and Fiona Sauer, 84, of Herscher.

Thirty-Five Years Ago


Steve Fletcher was hired as manager of the Washington County Water Company.

Nashville Builders was the apparent low bidder for renovation of the Hawn Building in Nashville with a bid of $213,776.

Home delivery of meals began in Nashville to senior citizens.

Deaths: Cecilia Lukasik, 73, of DuBois; Ardell Schwankhaus, 69, of Okawville; David Clark, 45, a native of Nashville; Josephine Zelasko, 107 of DuBois; Joe Smith, 100, of Nashville; Pearl Rehbein, 86, of Okawville; Myrtle Driskill, 87, of Nashville; William Kofler, 60, formerly of Nashville; Louise Wellpot, 84, of Hoyleton; Margie Kellerman, 41, of Pinckneyville; Melvin Jones, 78, formerly of Nashville; Walter Rozycki, 55, of St. Louis; Carl Miller, 63, of Overland, MO; and Paul Hake, a native of Hoyleton.

Weddings: Kathie Kinzel and Wayne Allen Schorfheide; Yvette George and Raymond Kostecki; and Amy Fuhrhop and Victor Shubert.

Thirty Years Ago


Washington County Board approved a $2,762,287 budget for the fiscal year.

The Illinois Department of Transportation announced plans to upgrade Route 51 from Interstate 64 to Centralia to a four-lane highway.

Stephen Osborne joined the Nashville law firm of Hohlt, House, DeMoss and Johnson.

Deaths: Lydia Prusz, 80, of Nashville; Raymond Ploch, 61, of St. Louis; Willard Raleight, 68, of Richview; John Diekemper, 65, formerly of Okawville; Susie Lietz, 95, of Okawville; and Bertha Zimmerman, 80, of Tamaroa.

Twenty-Five Years Ago


Oakdale Grade School Supt. Larry Elliott decided against accepting a two-year contract, saying a recent stroke he suffered was stress induced. Interim Supt. John Ingalls was to begin searching for candidates to take over the post.

William Pearcy said he would seek re-election as State’s Attorney.

The Nashville High School District began talking over goals that included making sure the computer skills being taught would be useful in the college and business world.

The former Johnson house was moved down Elm Street by Eric and Kathy Campagna to make room for the future Washington County Jail northwest of the Courthouse.

County hunters bagged 529 deer during the first day of the firearm season.

Boy Scout Troop 127 and Cub Scout Pack 127 collected an estimated 3,000 canned goods for distribution by the BCMW.

Deaths: Harry Seyler Jr., 71, of Centralia; Elmer Ahlf, 87, of Belleair, FL; Linda Vogt, 60, of Centralia; Ernest Heitkamp, 84, of Centralia; Warner Clark, 75, of Hoyleton; Casper Kurtz, 61, of Coulterville; Amanda Haake of San Francisco, CA; and Karl McNail, 93, of Centralia.

Weddings: Annette Bochantin and Jeffrey Higgins; and Angela Waller and Bradley Laaker.

Births: Bernard and Clara Peters of DuBois, a daughter; and Harry and Mary Green of Bunker Hill, a daughter.

Twenty Years Ago


Growmark, Inc. opened its $4 million state-of-the-art feed mill north of Nashville.

Fire destroyed Roy Payne’s repair shop near Ashley.

Harry Easley was the investment representative at the new Edward Jones office in Nashville.

Firefighters in Irvington became the first in the county to be designated “first responders” for emergency calls.

Addieville Fire Dept. ordered a $120,000 firetruck to replace a 31-year-old model.

The City of Ashley received a $269,000 loan to connect to Washington County Water Co.

Gas ranges were $299 and electric ranges were $289 at J and R Appliance.

Deaths: Lillian Green, 96, of Ashley; Homer Hoelscher, 69, of Carlyle; Joseph Hillyard, 88, of Nashville; Francis Ford, 80, of Addieville; Wilford Huge, 79, of Nashville; Alice Shewmake, 86, of Woodlawn; Alice Fortag, 87, of Ashley; Sarah Miller, 71, of Phoenix, AZ; Hazel McCowen, 96, of Waltonville; and Gary Durbin, 48, of Tamaroa.

Births: Brent and Stacie O’Daniell of Hoffman, a daughter; John Stricker and Lynn Haas of Okawville, a daughter; Robert Jr. and Lisa Willis of Vincennes, IN, a son; Robert and Barbara Pozniak of St. Louis, the adoption of a daughter.

Fifteen Years Ago


Tom Kirchner of Norrenberns Truck Service donated portable lights to Nashville Police Dept. to keep officers safe when directing traffic. The donation came in the wake of officer Charles Davis being struck by a motorist at an accident scene.

Meanwhile, Davis, who was recovering at home, received over 500 get well cards from local grade school students.

Ashley Board of Education rejected bids for a classroom addition. The bids ranged from $301,000 to $420,000.

Centralia Manor was named Nursing Home of the Year by RFMS, Inc. and Audrey Finke was Administrator of the Year.

Deaths: Carnell Cunningham, 93, of Mobile; Ruth Czerwonka, 69, of Hoffman; Simon Winfree, 73, of Nashville; William Swartz, 62, of St. Charles, MO; Emil Backs, 91, of Louisville, CO; Evelyn Funk, 78, of Tulsa, OK; Laura Beckmann, 73, of Okawville; John Hesker, 80, of Okawville; and Genevieve Smith, 74, of Clarmin.

Weddings: Victoria Kirchner and Jason Povolish; Michelle Kemper and Christopher Verplaetse.

Births: Douglas and Michelle Buss of Glen Carbon, a daughter; Jeff and Tara Rapp of Centralia, a daughter; Rich and Cory Barbee of Carbondale, a daughter; John and Jennifer Szopinski of Nashville, a daughter; Scott and Cherry Degenhardt of Oakdale, a daughter.

Ten Years Ago


The abandoned Pacific Railroad tracks in Nashville were to be removed.

Keith Reckmann was appointed to Nashville High School Board of Education to replace Barry Morris, who resigned to become District 99 maintenance director.

Washington County Board was mulling the possibility of locating an ambulance crew in Okawville.

Scott Fuhrop was named Superintendent of Okawville School District 10.

Scotch pine wreaths were $10 to $28 at Flowers Plus & More.

Births: Dan and Robin Boudah of Okawville, a daughter.

Deaths: Florence Jack, 86, of Nashville; Jesse Byers, 83, of Louisville, KY; Helen Pranga, 71, of Ashley; Harvey Turner, 70, of St. Libory; Mary Harden, 80, of Hoyleton; Rachel Davis, 55; David Benedict, 75, of Hoyleton; Gary Downey, 61, of Nashville; Robert Cook, 78, of Dardene Prairie, MO; and John “Jackie” Phillips, 77, of DuBois.

Five Years Ago


Charlie Meier of Okawville announced his candidacy for State Representative of the 108th District.

A suit filed by Jan Neabuhr alleged that the Irvington Village Board violated the open meeting acts.

The attorney of accused murderer Clay Maxwell subpoenaed files from the U.S. Attorney and the FBI’s investigations into the murder of Lauren Castellari and the robbery of a Hoffman bank.

Paxton Lehde was born on October 31, to Brent and Elizabeth Lehde.

Charles and Clarissa Ziarnek of Scheller celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on November 23; Sarah L. Combs and Tyler D. Beckman announced their plans to wed in January.

Deaths: Virginia Chesnek, 85, of Ashley, November 17; Leona Hackstadt, 88, of rural Nashville, November 18; Dorothy Erb, 83, of Darmstadt, November 15; Catherine Wirth, 91, of Salem, formerly of Okawville, November 20.