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November 2016 Election Has Highest Washington County Voter Turnout In Years

By Alex Haglund

Washington County Clerk Nancy Heseman was asked about voter turnout in the November 8, 2016 election at the meeting of the county board one week later (the meeting was actually rescheduled because of the election, pushed back one week).

According to Heseman, total turnout of registered voters in the county was 7,537 (out of 9,759), or 77.23-percent.

County Board chairman David Meyer asked Heseman if this was the highest it had been.

“If it’s not, it’s close,” Heseman said.

The next day, Heseman referred back to the records from the last few elections. Voter turnout for Washington County for the November elections for the following years was:

2014: 59.84% voter turnout

2012: 74.64%

2010: 56.08%

2008: 64.86%

“I would say that it was a higher than normal voter turnout,” Heseman said.