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Shop With A Cop Planned For December 10

By Jill Moon

At the November 28 meeting of the Okawville Village Board Chairperson Sarah Deterding of the Police and Liquor Committee reported that the popular Shop with a Cop event will be held on December 10.

Volunteers to help with wrapping duties are still needed.

Deterding also that the Police Departments’ 2014 and 2015 Explorers had new computer mounts installed.

On November 3 four of Okawville’s police officers had attended Chester Police Officer Brockmeyer’s funeral.

Deterding said the Village received slightly over $829 in fines from the circuit clerk and $3,725.49 in video gaming receipts.

Chairman Morris Ritzel of the Finance and Contracts Committee introduced a motion to accept Tax Levy Ordinance #539, which passed. This would mean an increase of 3.02% and would go into effect next year.

Chairperson Ronda Pryor of the Personnel and Property Committee proposed that the Board keep Guardian for vision and dental insurance coverage. She commented that the increases in premiums were very slight and it was the same company they had in the past. The Board accepted the proposal.

Chairman Brian Nelson of the Water Sewer Committee asked the Board to approve solicitation of bids for the Sanitary Sewer Main Creek Crossing Reconstruction Project, also known as the Pinch Bridge Sewer Line Replacement. The Board approved.

As the transmission had gone out of the 2001 Ford pickup used by the Water and Sewer Department, Nelson proposed selling the pickup, which the Board approved. Then as a result of that sale Nelson asked the Board for approval of the purchase of a 2007 Chevrolet pickup from Streuter Auto sales and Service for no more than the cost of $10,093. The Board approved.

Chairman Nathan Dick of the Streets and Sidewalks Committee proposed to the Board a 2017 Motor Fuel Tax Resolution of $51,525.25. He cited the high cost of maintaining culverts and road oiling. The Board approved this resolution.

The Board set Tuesday, December 27th, 2016 7:30pm as the date and time for their December meeting.

The Board approved giving a Limited Power of Attorney to Supernova Partners, LLC, also doing business as Affordable Gas & Electric, to negotiate power supply agreements on behalf of the Village of Okawville. Mayor David Jasper said he believed it was “in the best interests of the village.”

Mayor Jasper reported asking for suggestions from local hotels and the golf course for suggestions to boost tourism. The Board voted to approve Tax Increment Funding projects as they are. Mayor Jasper commented that businesses wanting TIF project funds needed to pay their taxes first.

Mayor Jasper said he felt “frustrated” with the judicial system and the State’s Attorney, particularly that “Our officers go out and make these arrests but cases are appealed down or just let go.”