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Zion United Church Of Christ Of Hoyleton Focus Group Meets At DuBois Center

12.4.16 Planning day BW.jpg

Members of Zion United Church of Christ in Hoyleton met this past Sunday at DuBois Center in the Oak Lodge.  

After a delicious lunch the group brainstormed to begin a long range planning process for the church. 

Pastor Bill Causer led the discussion encouraging members to consider characteristics of the church drawing them into active membership. 

The process will include an ongoing three and five year plan. This will involve the identification of key objectives encouraging a compassionate community and commitment.  

The Zion U.C. C. Hoyleton Focus Group that met at DuBois Center included Pastor Bill Causer, LEFT, and FRONT ROW, Nancy Fechtler, Jean Fark, Kevin Meyer, Patti Cause and Janet Klie. BACK ROW, Priscilla Self, Mark Hake, Elsie Gilliland, Gertie Holle, and Mark Beckmeyer, who took the picture.