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A Cinematic Wedding For Jes And Kristin Stanley

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I remember the day i called to ask if we could rent the movie theater for our wedding ceremony. I remember having to ease my way into the question. Because I assumed that no one else had ever asked to use the movie theater for their wedding. And I knew it would seem like a strange question. They told me that no one else had ever asked in the past to use the theater for their wedding. I informed Barb that we were a bit of an unconventional couple and thought the idea of having a ceremony in a movie theater was a pretty cool idea.

We’ve had a lot of people ask us why we chose to get married in the theater. Our response is, “we wanted something different, unique, and unconventional.”

And the more we thought about it the more we realized how perfect of an idea it was to have our ceremony at the State theater. It’s a classy historical place that we are very familiar with. We liked the idea of it being in our home town. And we just knew it would be a fun, unique place to get married.

When we walked into the theater for our rehearsal dinner the smell and sight of the building brought back childhood memories of watching many, many films. And memories of walking down the street from my house to participate in the Halloween contests they would have every year there.

I still remember when Titanic first came to the State theater. The line was so far out the door, it went down the sidewalk, near the police station (Jes and I were only 7 years old. That was 19 years ago!). Its very cool to remember memories like that.

The day of our wedding, September 17, 2016, guests were served a free small popcorn and soda to enjoy the “show.” Since we wanted to have our ceremony at the theater we realized it would just be silly to not take advantage of the huge movie screen that is right behind us during the ceremony. We wanted the ceremony to have its serious and sentimental moments. But we also wanted to have fun and laugh, and make our friends and family laugh.

So we showed a short, ten minute film of “Relationships before and after marriage.” We loved hearing our friends and family get a good laugh out of it. And we have to admit, Jes and I thought it was pretty cool to be able to do something so fun and unique, and on such a huge screen. We finished up the ceremony with some beautiful words by our good friend, and officiate Joe Hessling.

We officially became husband and wife, and danced our way out the front doors. Our photographer took some awesome pictures. The State theater was such a fun place for photos.

Our wedding went exactly the way we were hoping! We are so thankful that the board helped make our vision come true! And a special shout out to Barb and Carole Moeller. They were very accommodating and helped make everything run smoothly!

We couldn’t have been happier with our decision to get married at the State theater. And we hope this opens doors to other events and activities there.

– Jes and Kristin Stanley

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