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Weeds and Seeds? Yes, Please!

By Mallory Unverfehrt

Section 22 FFA Reporter

Battling through nine rounds or rings of competition, Abby Becherer from Wesclin scored two points off of a perfect score to win the Section 22 FFA Agronomy CDE (Career Development Event) held November 30th at Valmeyer High School.

Each ring of competition was either crop judging or Identification (ID). Crop judging mean there were four plates of the same crop and competitors had to rank them from best to worst. Identification meant there were crop or weed samples or seeds laid out and competitors had to match the sample or insect with the correct name.

The rings were as followed: silage judging, weed plant ID, corn judging, crop seed ID, soybean judging, insect ID, wheat judging, weed seed ID, and alfalfa judging. Each ring was worth 50 points making a perfect score 450 points.

Becherer led with 448 points followed by Nikki Hall (440), Brian Knopp (439), William Kuhl (439), Andrew Strieker (437), Nick Korte (433), Noah Marlar (427), Doran Wobbe (426), Taylor Miller (422), and Nicole Laskowski (416) to round out the top ten individuals.

In the team division Wesclin won with 1314 points followed by Central (1309), Marissa (1269), Mascoutah (1203), Valmeyer (1195), Freeburg (1185), Waterloo (1065), Okawville (1003), Red Bud (830), and Christ Our Savior (753).

Upcoming events is Section 22 include Agricultural Communications CDE, Parliamentary Procedure CDE, and Public or Creed Speaking CDE.