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No Changes To Trash Schedule For Holidays In Nashville

No Changes To Trash Schedule For Holidays In Nashville

By Alex Haglund

The Nashville City Council held their second regular meeting for December and their last meeting for 2016 on the evening of Thursday, December 15, at the Nashville City Hall.

Prior to the meeting, there was a a hearing regarding a proposed property tax increase for the Nashville Public Library. At the meeting following, the ordinance for the city’s levy and assessment for taxes for the city of Nashville for the fiscal year from May 1, 2016 through April 30, 2017, was approved.

There will be no changes to the trash pickup schedule for either Christmas or New Years this year, due to both holidays occurring on weekends.

The last day that the compost site will be open for the year is Wednesday, December 28.

There will be Christmas tree pickups on Friday, December 30, and on Monday, January 9. All trees needs to have all of their decorations removed from them for disposal, including tinsel. January 9 will also be the last day for pickup of leaf bags.

The city was planning on taking possession of their new packer truck soon, hopefully the next day (Friday, December 16). After the new truck is in use, the street department plans to take the old truck, refurbish it and replace some of its rusted-out panels.

Schuette said that he had a quote from IDOT for the replacement and refurbishment work in the amount of $7,225.

“I think that’s too much,” Schuette told the council. “we can replace the metal in house, that would get our costs down to $3,825.”

The water and sewer department is seeking bids to acquire a new pickup to go out to the water plant. This will be replacing a 2001 model work truck that the water department uses which has 94,000 miles on it.

The oldest truck in use, referred to as “the junk truck,” “that will go to auction,” said Council member Doug Hargan. “we’ll see what we can get for it.”

“That’s been working for us so far,” Mayor Raymond Kolweier agreed.

The City gas committee will be having a meeting sometime in the early part of 2017, Kolweier told the council. He asked for committee members to keep their ears open for that announcement soon.

The November Treasurer’s Report was approved by the council and was filed for audit.

Finally, Kolweier closed out the meeting by thanking everyone present for their cooperation and hard work through the year. Because this was the last meeting before the holidays and the last meeting of 2016, Kolweier wished them all “a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,” before he entertained a call for adjournment.