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Sheriff Selects New Healthcare Provider For Detainees Of Washington County Jail

Sheriff Selects New Healthcare Provider For Detainees Of Washington County Jail

Sheriff Danny J. Bradac is pleased to announce the institution of a new healthcare program at the Washington County Jail designed to raise the standard of inmate care while reducing waste, despite an economy where expenses keep increasing.

The comprehensive program focuses on improving the quality of care delivered in the jail setting, as well as enhancing the overall health of detainees through the use of appropriate medications and counseling. With this mission at the forefront, chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and hypertension, are better managed upon the inmate’s release into the community.

In fact, the program has statistically shown that healthcare provided to those incarcerated see better results than visits to their regular physician. This is a major advantage in the care of chronic disease and for tracking infectious disease in the community.

With an average daily population of 25 inmates, the program will provide the Washington County Jail with practitioner and nursing services, as well as ancillary and support services and a training program to improve medical care through continuous education.

Not only does Sheriff Bradac want an outstanding jail healthcare program, he is also looking for ways to save valuable taxpayer dollars.

The new provider, Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Inc., offers services to more than 275 clients in 17 states.

ACH is the largest provider of inmate medical services for county jails in the United States and started services at the Washington County Jail effective November 3, 2016.