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Queen Of HeartsNCHS Superintendent’s Notes – December 29, 2016

By Ernie Fowler – Nashville CHSD #99

“Show me the money!” That is a popular line from the movie Jerry Maguire. This could also be the same line used by our good folks who participated in the Queen of Hearts contest sponsored by the American Legion. There is nothing like a pot of gold to put a town on the map. I stepped out of my apartment last Wednesday night, looked up and down the street, and thought everyone but me had been called to Heaven. Come to find out, they were only called to the Legion!

I have to admit, I don’t get involved in contests like this. I’m not passing judgment on anyone, I just choose to keep the cash that I have in my pocket rather than risk losing it on the gamble. The problem with my logic is that I have no chance of coming out thousands of dollars ahead in a matter of minutes. Oh well, by me staying out of the fray, I improved everyone else’s odds! Whoever the winner is, I’ll be happy for them. I can’t imagine falling into that amount of money in a heartbeat. The winner no longer has to imagine the feeling. They will live it.

I’m sure that our high school students have been watching this excitement. They see folks having fun in pursuit of the big prize. I offer caution to our kids, however. Folks achieve financial stability and wealth by using their brain and working toward a goal. I’m sure that the folks participating in the Queen of Hearts contest are also intelligent and hard working. They are sane people who see this as simply a chance to have fun and possibly get rich in the process. I doubt anyone quit their job or dropped out of their college classes based on a hope of winning this money. No, they went to work today to put food on their family’s table. Win or not, they will likely go to work tomorrow to do the same thing. It is those who put their financial future wholly in the hands of chance who end up with ruined lives. It is those who forsake their work ethic and bank on get rich quick schemes who frequently find themselves with a life of nothing. Keep in mind, a game is a game. It is meant for folly not as a replacement of a solid plan for the future.

The Queen of Hearts has generated a lot of excitement. It is great when a town experiences fervor over something good. There is another popular movie line that comes to mind. “Greed is good” says Gordon Gekko in Wallstreet. I disagree. Money is good. What is the difference? I refer to another saying from the ultimate publication. “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil”. Money isn’t the problem. It is the love of money (greed) that is the downfall of many. NCHS students, here is some sound advice. Enjoy fun but don’t forsake your principles, intelligence, and hard work as your path to success.

Queen Of Hearts