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Venedy – December 28, 2016


Ora Mae Droege 824-6326

St. Salvator Lutheran Church, Venedy IL

Rev. Art Eichhorn, Pastor

9:00 am – Sunday School

10:00 am – Sunday Worship Service –– Numbers 6: 22 – 23; Galatians 3: 23 – 29; Luke 2: 21

St. John’s United Church of Christ, Johannisburg, IL

Rev. Bill Groennert, Pastor

No Church Services New Years Day

“This Country cannot afford to be materially rich and spiritually poor.” –– John F. Kennedy

Gathering at the home of Steve and Gina Droege for a Christmas Eve Eve celebration were David and Tiffany Droege, Ryan and Kayla Droege, Stanley and Ora Mae Droege, Ed and Laura Paszkiewicz, Stephanie Fahrner and Gary Collins and Veronica Liszewski.

Well, well, well it’s was a short week for news. Everyone busy finishing up for Christmas and attending Christmas parties. Hopefully more Venedy residents will contribute to the column in 2017.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” –– Theodore Roosevelt

Bizarre and Unique Holidays

Dec 29 – Pepper Pot Day

Dec 30 – National Bicarbonate of Soda Day

Dec 31st – New Years Eve

Guests at the home of Brian and Susan Wisneski and Kyrsten for Christmas Day were Blake and Serena Wisneski and Ryker, Stanley and Ora Mae Droege, Cindy and Howard McHenry, Steve and Gina Droege, David and Tiffany Droege, Cody Becker.

Clever Uses for Pine Needles:

1. Create fire starter – Bundle as handful of dry needles with thread to use along with kindling wood and newspaper.

2. Use as a mulch – Because the needles interlock, they stay in place and are less likely than other ground covers to blow away.

3. Make a disinfectant – If you like the scent of Pine-Sol, you’ll love this cleaning mixture. Combine 1/2 cup needles with white vinegar in a jar and let sit for a few weeks. Remove needles and use the solution on counter tops and other surfaces.

4. Brew a foot bath – Boil a gallon of water with a cup of needles. let it steep and cool for 20 minutes, then pour it into a basin for a refreshing and deodorizing soak.

Let every joy be yours this season, be you far away or near, and the love of friends and family warm your days with cheer.

A big Thank You to all who read the Venedy Column and commented favorably to me this past year.

Blessed New Year.