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Petitions In For April Election

By Alex Haglund

Despite the doozy of an election season that just ended on November 8 of 2016, things already began to get into motion for the next election, the April 4, 2017 consolidated election, almost as soon as the November polling day was through.

Petitions to run for various offices in the city of Nashville and for area school boards were do to be turned in during the second week of December. While all the information from certain school districts that overlap with Washington County is not yet in, those people that will be running for various offices within the county include:

City of Nashville

Mayor – Erik Rolf

City Clerk – Terrie Kurwicki, Jennifer Szopinski. City Clerk is an elected position, but it is tied to the position of city collector, a position appointed by the Mayor. By city ordinance, the new mayor will appoint the city collector and, historically, the person appointed to be city collector has been the elected city clerk.

City Treasurer – No petitions received. The newly-elected mayor will appoint someone to the position of city treasurer. Treasurer is another elected position with a paid and hired position, city bookkeeper/accountant, attached to it. While elected City Treasurer Rose Ann Hunter has been the hired city accountant, the two jobs are separate positions will likely be filled by different individuals.

City Council – Incumbents running again, Josh Fark and Doug Hargan. New candidate running for council seat, Kelly Sheridan.

School Districts

NCHS District 99

Shawn Cook, DuBois; Marsha Gajewski, Ashley; Kim E. Morris, Nashville; Randy Schwartzkopf, Nashville; Sharon Ogrzewalla, Nashville.

Nashville Primary School District 49

Gregory Gollaher, Nashville; Daniel Dlubala, Nashville; Seth Swoboda, Nashville

West Washington County District 10

W. Daryl Frederking, Coulterville; Kurt Heckert, Addieville; Neal Hackstadt, Nashville; Gregory Toensing, Okawville.

Ashley District 15

John Lanham, Ashley; Jeffrey Stern, Ashley; Kayla Cameron, Radom; Tammy Ebert, Ashley; Jeffery Pelka, DuBois.

Irvington District 11

Tabitha Jentsch, Irvington; Janice Tiemann, Richview.

Oakdale District 1

Zachary Vahlkamp, Oakdale; Mary Cotton, Coulterville; Tabatha Goforth, Oakdale.