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It Happened HereJanuary 11, 2017

It Happened Here

Eighty Years Ago


Two young men used a flat iron and escaped from the Washington County Jail in Nashville. One was later recaptured near Coulterville.

A son born to Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Foester of Covington was the first baby of the new year in Washington County.

Six large herring were 25 cents at the local Kroger Store.

Lee Jackson, 26, of Irvington was killed when his truck was hit by an Illinois Central passenger train south of Centralia.

Other deaths: Mrs. Philip Engel of Nashville; Henrietta Struckmeyer, formerly of Hoyleton; Ella Polinski, 29, a native of Nashville; Fred Ehmke, 69, of Belleville; Joseph Schlich, 70, of New Memphis; and Mary Finke, 60, of Nashville.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


A scrap metal drive was announced at the Nashville High School.

Wonder Bread was 10 cents a loaf.

Deaths: J. U. Spencer, 64, of Nashville; John Middendorf, 54, of Addieville; Mary Sobeck, 70, of Nashville; Bessie Sawyer, 65, a native of Nashville; Nick Reitz, 78, of Biddleborn; and Minnie Windler, 70, of Hoyleton.

Seventy Years Ago


Fire destroyed the rural Nashville home of August Schmidt Jr.

Pork roast was 31 cents a pound at the Daniel Food Store.

Marge Jones, operator of Colonial Grill in Nashville, was fined $200 for selling liquor to a minor after a 16-year-old boy, who struck and killed Mrs. Ed Gelhaus, 56, New Year’s Eve in Okawville, admitted buying liquor at the Colonial Grill.

Bennie Chwasczinski, 27, of Beaucoup drowned while ice-skating.

Other death: Chris Holzhauer, 81, of Centralia.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


Ewald Schuricht resigned as principal of the Trinity Lutheran School in Nashville to accept a job in Cincinnati, OH.

A propane gas explosion tore through the East Main Street business section and critically injured five people. Damage was estimated at nearly $100,000.

Ralph Bartelsmeyer was elected first vice president of the Illinois Engineering Council.

Herbert Gaebe Jr. was promoted to captain at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Deaths: Anthony Lamczyk, 74, of Ashley; William Mischke, 70, of Ashley; Joseph Najewski of Radom; Margaret Juenger of Darmstadt; Isabel McCary of Pinckneyville; Bertram Meyer, formerly of Nashville; John Kula of Radom; and Ludwig Helms of Plum Hill.

Sixty Years Ago


Elwyn Hackstadt captured a gold, monkey-faced owl on his farm south of Okawville. It had a wing span of 22 inches.

Trinity Lutheran Church presented Herman Maschhoff with a gold-engraved Bible in recognition of 22 years service as treasurer.

George Strate Jr., 17, of Okawville and John “Jack” Matthews, 19, of Beaucoup, were killed in a traffic accident on the north edge of Tamaroa. Stanley Kamadulski, 18, of Nashville was seriously injured.

Other deaths: Bert Hinton, 74, of Nashville; George Vollmer, 66, of Nashville; Minnie Riechman, 92, of Irvington; John Eade, 59, of Sterling City; Joseph Mamer, 85, of Bluford; Mrs. George Harris, 91, formerly of Washington County; Lisette Nolte, 86, of Johannisburg; Arthur Palm, 61, of Hoffman; Walter Chesney, 50, a native of Plum Hill; Philip Gierten, 70, of Centralia; and Mary Nehrkorn, 82, of Du Bois.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


The new Oakdale school was dedicated.

Due to higher costs, a year’s subscription to The News was increased from $1.75 to $2.

Baldridge Refrigeration in Irvington was holding a going out of business sale.

Hoyleton State and Savings Bank advertised one-year time certificates at four percent.

Deaths: Mrs. John Boester Sr., 74, of Nashville; Mary Herrmann, 88, of Nashville; Mabel Seibert, 71, of Du Bois; Mary Pisarek, 72, of Bisell Hills, MO; William Sensel of Ashley; Harold McDowell, 65, of Nashville; Caroline Meyer, 84, of Addieville; Edward Steinkamp, 78, formerly of Washington County; Rosa Dintelmann, 65, of Elkton; Henry Middendorf, 77, of Covington Township; and Dan Arnold, 60, formerly of Richview.

Fifty Years Ago


Carol Kramm, 14, of Du Bois was the Nashville Lions Club peace essay contest winner.

Luke Tomaszewski of Radom lost part of his left hand in a corn picker accident.

A public hearing was scheduled in Ashley on a proposition to relocate Route 460 from one half mile west of Route 51 to 600 feet east of the west Ashley City limit.

Deaths: Rolla Snyder, 86, of Nashville; Alma Schewe, 62, a native of New Minden; Frank Lerch, 72, of Belleville; Sophie Ryterski, 60, a native of Posen; Wilbert Schneider, 60, of Alton; Helen Stahl of Bonne Terre, MO; Mary Hammons, formerly of Ashley; Everett Starks, 62, formerly of Irvington; Willis Tweedy Sr., 68, of Dupo; and Robert Kruse, 33, of Des Plaines.

Forty-Five Years Ago


Britt Angela Frieman was the first baby born at Washington County Hospital in the new year. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Frieman.

Lee Price of Columbia purchased the Nashville Gambles store from Mr. and Mrs. Milburn Frederking.

Jesse Spears of Coulterville was indicted for attempted murder and aggravated battery. The indictments stemmed from the incident in which Coulterville Police Chief Tyler was shot in the foot.

Leroy Middendorf of Covington displayed his winter trapping catch of 129 muskrat, 24 raccoon, 29 gray fox, 10 mink and five opossum.

Deaths: Jule Pruehsner, 83, of New Minden; Rev. Carl Kluge, a former pastor in Nashville; Augusta Zetzsche, 91, of Okawville; Steven Andrew Benz, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Benz of St. Louis; Joseph Pommer, 87, of Okawville; Arthur Vogel, 81, of Jacob; Charles Mortiz, 83, of Effingham; Mary Reeves, 83, of Centralia; Joseph Connelly, 48, of Richview; and Mary Taylor, 77, of Richview.

Forty-Five Years Ago


December rainfall totalled only .69 inch, continuing a drought. The yearly total was only 23.99 inches, the lowest since 1953.

A large variety of items were buried on the Washington County Courthouse lawn in observance of the Bicentennial.

Brenda Kay Kolweier was the first baby of the year born at the local hospital. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kolweier.

Pot roast was 87 cents a pound and chuck roast was 67 cents a pound at the local IGA.

Melissa Wayland, 17, of Lenzburg was killed in a one-car accident on Fire Tower Road.

Other deaths: Albert Klasing, 73, formerly of Okawville; Ewald Brinkman, 66, of Stone Church; Joseph Arment, 86, of Macon, MO; and Ashton Arnoud, 74, of Ashley.

Thirty-Five Years Ago


Eric Michael Lamczyk, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Lamczyk of Ashley, was the first baby born in the new year.

Ovaltine was available at Reinkensmeyer’s Store in Hoyleton for $1.37 with coupon.

Deaths: Lucille Haake, 68; Thomas J. Buss, infant son of Marvin and Victoria Buss of Oakdale; Louis Barkau, 85, of St. Louis; and Martin Fark, 88, formerly of Centralia.

Thirty Years Ago


Jered Ray Nobe, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Nobe of Addieville, was the first Washington County baby born in the new year.

Family Medical Center was purchased by St. Mary’s Health Center of St. Louis.

Considerable damage was done to the greens at Nashville Golf Course and to the outfield of Lester Hake Field in Memorial Park. A vehicle had driven across the property. Damage was estimated in the thousands of dollars.

Deaths: Alvire Maschhoff, 73, of Hoyleton; Ashlie Oexeman, infant daughter of John and Janice Oexeman of St. Louis; John Baudison, 82, of Pinckneyville; Libory Rueter, 79, of St. Libory; John Hollenkamp, 94, of Aviston; Howard Struck, 68, of Murphysboro; Sister Estelle Flieg, 90, of Red Bud; Annie Wood, 83; Clara Kozuszek, 76, of Jennings, MO; and Elmer Ruesse, 80, of Arnold, MO.

Twenty-Five Years Ago


Kimberly JeanAnn Weedon was the first baby born in Washington County. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Weedon III of Nashville.

Okawville Village Board approved a study to determine ways to improve the quality of water in the village.

Sen. Alan Dixon toured the Ligma Corp. plant in Nashville.

Ralph Habbe III was installed as worship master of Washington Lodge No. 55 AF & AM.

The Okawville Rockets defeated Nashville 61-43 in the title game of the Mater Dei Holiday Tournament.

Okawville’s Lady Rockets won the Mascoutah Girls Tourney and had a perfect 13-0 record to start the new year.

Deaths: Emma Strayer, 85, of Nashville; Elizabeth Fox, 86, of Oakdale; Otto Bender, 96, of Carlyle; Charles Dannaman Jr., 28, of Okawville; Raymond Smith, 73, of Central City; Ella McMurtrie, 102, of Sparta; and Elizabeth Rohde, 89, of Oakdale.

Weddings: Candace Nottmeyer and Keith Heseman; and Donna Buss and Stephen Williams.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Brice Davis (Jeanette Rennegarbe) of Belleville, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Yehling (Stacey Linkey) of Addieville, a son; and Mr. and Mrs. David Ibendahl (Natalie Rueter) of Nashville, a son.

Twenty Years Ago


A nasty strain of the flu kept numerous youngsters home from school.

The Hornets claimed the Mater Dei Tournament crown.

Okawville Village Board was trying to clean up abandoned vehicles in the village.

Marcia Scott was appointed general manager of Tri-County Electric Co-op.

Tires on 17 vehicles were slashed at Okawville High School during a basketball game with Freeburg.

Rapco, Ltd. was buying aluminum cans for 30 cents a pound.

Deaths: Charlotte Woodside, 91, of Nashville; Raymond Wilkins, 72, of Marion; Marvin Koester, 57, of Nashville; Lyle Heape, 86, of Tamaroa; Alma Maschhoff, 79, of Hoyleton; Claudine Beckmeyer, 80, of Richview; Mildred Ross, 74, of Marion; Arnold Maschhoff, 88, of Hoyleton; Evelyn Webber, 68, of Richview; Margaret Hottes, 79, of Fenton, MO; Roxane Rednour, 31, of Pinckneyville; Arthur Klosterman, 87, of Breese; Martin Kottmeyer, 83, of Carlyle; and Florence Fox, 89, of Pinckneyville.

Births: Stan and Peggy (Goss) Musial of Centralia, a son; Glenn and Gloria (Phillips) Jones of Nashville, a son; and Stanley and Valerie (Peper) Huelsmann of Aviston, a daughter.

Fifteen Years Ago


Harry Jankowski stepped down as chairman of the county’s Ambulance Committee and Mark Styninger resigned as ambulance service administrator.

Chief Alan Hohlt said Nashville firemen answered 118 calls in 2001, 23 fewer than the previous year.

DUI arrests in the county nearly doubled in 2001 to 116, said Circuit Clerk Carol Heggemeier.

Nashville claimed bragging rights in the cross country rivalry by downing Okawville 67-39.

Deaths: Dora Smith, 85, of Pelham, AL; Charles Padfield, 67, of Pinckneyville; Johanna Beek, 86, of Nashville; Josephine Jankowski, 101, of St. Ann, MO; Clarence Dlubala, 49, of Oakdale; Selma Small, 83, of Centralia; Ruth Wacker, 70, of Richview; Casimir Krus, 86, of Nashville; Carol Stevenson, 71, of Okawville; Bertha Voss, 101, of Carlyle; Laura Sherman, 84, of Richview; and David and Eric Schwartzkopf, premature infant sons of Jeremy and Rachel (Wittbracht) Schwartzkopf of Percy.

Wedding: Trace Stiegman and Lisa Nicholls.

Births: Derek and Sarah (Stiegman) Paszkiewicz of Chatham, a son; John and Mary (Shubert) Brennfleck of Lively Grove, a son; Nicole Seeger of Hoyleton and Shaun Brown of Sandoval, a son; and Christian and Deborah (Clark) Haake of Nashville, a daughter.

Ten Years Ago


Randy Ruggles of Nashville was named CEO of Oakdale State Bank.

Elmer Toedte of Ashley donated $50,000 to the Salvation Army.

Nashville Volunteer Fire Dept. saw a whopping 33 percent increase in calls with 184 in 2006. The previous record was 150 in 2002.

Hornet coach Darin Lee notched his 400th career victory with a 68-40 win over Okawville.

Police made 79 arrests for driving under the influence in 2006.

Births: Jason Knee and Jenni Pryor, a daughter; Johnnie and Wendy Smith of Ashley, a daughter.

Deaths: Floyd Juenger, 83, of Mascoutah; Richard Ross, 79, of Addieville; Dr. Stanley Oexemann, 94, of Superior, WI; Opal Koesterer, 81, of Freeburg; Vera Brinkman, 90, of Columbia; Adolph Middendorf, 87, of Venedy; Gertrude Krueger, 96, of Hoyleton; Bernadette Sandheinrich, 69, of St. Libory.

Weddings: Maggie Barton and Kevin Gajewski; Jenny Davis and Jared Bergmann.

Five Years Ago


A robbery and several break-ins occurred at various points around the county on the night of Wednesday, January 4.

Judge Dennis Hatch ruled against hearsay evidence for the trial of Clay Maxwell, charged with the murder of Lauren Castellari, while judge Richard Aguirre ruled to suppress statements made to the police by Maxwell’s son, Bryan.

An unidentified man was airlifted to St. Louis University Hospital after he fell from a grain bin in Irvington.

New energy efficient variable-frequency drives were approved for installation at the Nashville Water Plant by the Nashville City Council.

Birth: Kanon Povolish was born on December 28, 2011, to Mandi and Josh Povolish of Nashville.

Deaths: Vera Funke, 82, of rural Nashville, January 7; Ellen Kraus, 88, of Hoffman, January 8; Hope Yaegerm 94, January 4; Rose Marie Rogier, 72, of Troy, January 7; Helen Elliott, 89, of Okawville, January 6; Yonia McClain, 90, of New Athens, formerly of St. Libory, January 7.