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New JobNashville – January 11, 2017


Susan Roethemeyer

“New Job”

These past few weeks have seen me start a new job.

It is at one of the car part plants north of town, and the shift is four thirty P.M. to one A.M.

Consequently, I have been trying to adjust to a new schedule, and it has been hard.

When you are used to sitting most of the time except when taking someone to the doctor or to church or out to eat, standing for eight hours a night is exhausting.

I thought I would be used to it by now, but No!

Coming home to relax in front of the TV for a bit is just the thing, but then later I can’t get to sleep!

And just when I do, Stanley cat pulls at my blanket with his claws, or pushes my books to the floor -BAM!- waking me up with a jolt.

Okay, okay, he just wants to go outside for a few hours. That’s all right. But if he just wants me to pet him while he eats – Oh, man, that’s too much!

And I have been too tired to fix any real meals to take with me, so I eat badly –snacks for the most part, and soda. Not the stuff I should eat while trying to adjust to a new job.

Well, at some point soon I should have a new schedule down, so until then just bear with me on this article thing.