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Proposed NCHS Curriculum Changes For 2017-18

During the December meeting of the NCHS District 99 school board, the following curriculum changes were viewed under first reading. The items will be up for approval at the January meeting of the school board.

English Department:

English IV-AE will be replaced with a semester of Applied English and Communications and Film as Literature

Speech/Journalism add $12 fee

Social Science Department:

Add semester courses: Illinois History and World Geography available to grades 9-12

US History will be open to interested Sophomores

Government will be open to interested Juniors

Vocational Department:

No longer offer Family and Consumer Science classes: Child Developments, Foods and Nutrition, Adult Living, Living Environments, and Clothing

Change Intro to Industry from a year long class to a semester class

Offer Intro to Drafting and Intro to Electronics to Freshman

Rename Media Development to Web Page

Rename Desktop Publishing to Yearbook

Adjust AC/DC and Digital Electronics courses to be offered as semester classes

DC Fundamentals

AC Fundamentals

Basic Digital

Advanced Digital

Add a semester of Computer Programming

Add a fee for computer maintenance $10

Art Department:

Change Art 1-4 from semester classes to full year classes, expanding the art program from 2 years to 4 years. Expanded classes will include ceramics, sculpture and textiles in addition to advancing skills already taught. Class fee will be $30 per year

Music Department:

Create a Percussion class for second semester. Percussion students will move out of Band and into Percussion for second semester

Spanish Department:

Offer Spanish 1 to Freshman as space is available

Dual Credit Changes:

We are losing dual credit in Physics, College Algebra, Trigonometry, and Pre Calc/Calculus

Adjusting the dual credit for the electronic courses pending Kaskaskia College approval.