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GesturesNCHS Superintendent’s Notes

By Ernie Fowler – Nashville CHSD #99

I think I’ve become a “with-it”, “happening” dude. Amazingly, it happened by accident. The other day, I was about to sneeze, lifted my arm & stuck my nose into the bend at the elbow. Little did I know that I was doing a so-called dance move called “dabbing”…..or “dabbin” for those of us who are cool. This is the same move that Carolina Panther’s quarterback Cam Newton did following a touchdown. More recently, the 17 year old son of Rep. Roger Marshall dabbed during his father’s swearing in ceremony. Now, all of you parents and grandparents can impress the children in your lives by doing the Dab. They will be impressed by your knowledge of pop culture. You’re welcome.

It is funny how gestures, as silly as they may be, seem to catch on. Taylor Swift flashes the two hands together in the shape of a heart. I’ve seen football players lift both hands and point to the name on the back of their jersey’s with their thumbs. In the 60’s and early 70’s, it was the index and middle finger lifted in the air followed by a “peace, man” by the groovy people. Also in the same era, there was the spread ring and middle finger greeting used by the Vulcan, Mr. Spock, in the Star Trek series. Carol Burnett tugged on her ear as she said goodbye on her weekly variety show as a signal to her grandmother that she was saying “hello”. Today, pro wrestling fans might recognize the waving of the five finger full open hand in the face by John Cena as “you can’t see me”. Of course there are plenty of other hand gestures out there that won’t be mentioned in a family-friendly publication like the Nashville News! Thankfully the meaning of one of the R-rated hand signals was explained to me before I unsuspectingly used it in a photograph!

I’m not sure how these ideas ever come into existence. I’ve tried to think of a move which I could get credit for. So far, I’ve got nothing. Dabbin seems to have been started by a fine young person (not sure if male or female) named Skippa da Flippa. You gotta know that a person with such a name is filled with creative ideas! Ernie Fowler can’t compete with Skippa da Flippa. I learned that other folks such as Peewee Longway and Bow Wow also have been credited with the Dab. Of course they have.

I guess until I invent my own special gesture, when you see me I’ll greet you with a simple wave of the hand and a “how are you”. Yes, it is boring but so am I! It will have to do until I officially change my name to Mr. Fow Fow or Fowler da Flippa. At that point, I expect to be the new You Tube sensation that takes America by storm.