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Letter: America Needs The Electoral College

America Needs The Electoral College

We Need the Electoral College

Our Electoral College prevents tyranny by the majority, or giving one state an excess of influence over other states. The Electoral College provides a buffer against states with large populations of government workers and/or government welfare recipients.

If the outcome of an election were based on who won the most popular votes, rather than who won the Electoral College, then the candidate who spent the most money would have a great advantage. An Electoral College gives each party a base of support and forces them to compete for voters.

Our Founding Fathers were not faced with problems of convicted felons sitting in jail and voting, non-citizen illegal aliens from other countries voting, fraudulent early-voting, mailed-in ballots received days after the election, “dead” voters, voters crossing state lines to vote more than once, and more voter ballots cast than there are registered voters.

Rather than demanding an end to the Electoral College, there should be safeguards against fraud to insure that ineligible voters don’t cancel the votes of eligible voters. Photo identification must be required, and voting should be on Election Day with few exceptions such as for active duty military. Knowledgeable Poll Watcher volunteers are always needed to monitor against voter fraud. America’s freedoms and representative government depend on informed citizens who study goals of the candidates and participate in the elections.

For more information go to: “The Phyllis Schlafly Report,” December 2016,

Joan Cobb,