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This Week’s Pet For Adoption – January 18, 2017

011817 Shelter Dog BW.jpg

This Week’s Pet For Adoption

This week’s pet for adoption is this six-month-old female mix breed dog….and would you look at those ears! I sense a Nashville News staff-suggested name coming: too friendly looking to be a “Gremlin,” and too much of a puppy to be a “Yoda,” this gal’s nickname has got to be….Gizmo! At least until you, one of our amazing readers, decides to adopt this little gal and give her an even better name of your own choosing! Gizmo can be seen at the Washington County Animal Shelter, located at 17990 Richview Road, in Nashville.

Other dogs currently available for adoption include a male 10-month-old yellow lab, a male one-year-old black and tan cattledog mix, a male three-year-old black and white lab mix, a female one-year-old red pit bull, a female two-year-old blue brindle pit mix, a male three-year-old black and brindle lab mix, a female one-year-old chocolate pit bull, a female six-month-old black pit bull, a neutered male two-year-old blue and white pit bull, neutered male five-year-old brindle boxer mix, and a female one-year-old black and white Pyrenees mix.

There are six cats available for adoption at this time.

Dog adoption fee is $30, which includes an AVID identification chip and $50 off spaying or neutering.

The shelter also accepts donations of aluminum cans to help cover costs.

All animals may be seen on or